Copied from the original newspaper by Researcher E. Rowley

The Goldendale Sentinel - January 8, 1942 Pg 1

New Years Eve Wreck Takes Life
Accident on Satus Highway Brings Death to Tacoma Truck Owner

"Tragedy marred Goldendale's New Year's eve celebration when Jake Turnbull, 37-year-old Tacoma truck owner was killed in an accident on the Satus highway 5 1/2 miles northeast of here. The accident occurred shortly after 6:30 p.m. Wednesday night.

Turnbull was struck by a car driven by Paul Abshier, Goldendale high school boy and son of Mr. and Mss. J. H. Abshier of this city. Turnbull was kneeling down beside his parked truck taking off chains when the Abshier car struck him.

Cleo King, of Yakima, Turnbull's truck driver and with Abshier the only witness to the crash, received a painful ankle injury. King was climbing into the truck to get a tool when Abshier's car struck the open door slamming it shut on the truck driver's ankle.

Stopped to Remove Chains

King said he had stopped the truck to take off its chains after climbing the Three Creeks hill. King said the truck's headlights were left on. The truck driver did not blame Abshier for the accident.

John Gulden, state patrolman who was called to investigate the wreck, said the only contact between Abshier's car and the truck was where it struck the open door of the truck cab. Edgar H. Canfield, county coroner, indicated there would be no inquest of special investigation. Canfield left Goldendale Friday for Arizona and will not return until next week.

Turnbull apparently never regained consciousness and died a few minutes after arriving in Goldendale. The body was taken to the Phillips Funeral Home and Friday was shipped to Tacoma for burial. Turnbull is survived by a wife and one son.

Roads Were Icy

The truck, which was loaded with apples bound for Los Angeles, was brought into Goldendale following the accident. Friday with a new crew it was started on its way to the Californio [sic] market.

After receiving emergency treatment atthe office of Dr. Rosser Atkinson, King was taken to Yakima. The bones in King's ankle were not broken, Dr. Atkinson said.

State Patrolman Gulden said the roads were icy where the accident occurred but there was no evidence of Abshier's car having skidded. Abshier was driving toward Yakima and the truck was headed toward Goldendale."

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