Copied from the original newspaper by Researcher E. Rowley

The Goldendale Sentinel - September 3, 1964, pg 1

Crew Foreman electrocuted

"Larry H. McGarr, about 27, was electrocuted while working on the new street lighting project in Goldendale Wednesday morning.

McGarr, foreman of the three man crew setting the new light standards in place, was guiding the base of a steel light standard pole onto its foundation with the light fixture at the top of the pole apparently made contact with a 7200-volt electric line directly overhead. (Linemen explained that even though direct contact may not have occurred, damp air condition could have made possible an arc to the pole and thence McGarr on its path to the ground.)

The pole being set was on Columbus Avenue, in front of Billís Shell Service station. It was the last of 43 in the project to be set, according to E. W. Willis, superintendent of Sierra Electric Co., Tigard, Ore., contractors. The first pole was set August 24.

The accident occurred about 9:45 a.m. McGarr was being assisted by Harry Howe, Tigard, and Daniel Smith, Goldendale, crew members.

Dr. H. W. Holderby and Dr. G. J. Timmer both were called to the scene of the accident. Dr. Holderby said he found no sign of life in the victim, but ordered him removed to Klickitat Valley Hospital, where he was taken by Jim Bridgefarmer in the Knosher ambulance. Complete examination disclosed that the victim had died of shock.

McGarr was married and the father of three children."

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