Mt. View Cemetery
Names Beginning with "B"

Name Dates Notes
Baade, Glenn A 04-08-1908
Glenn A Baade was born on April 8, 1908 in North Dakota. His father's name was Reinhold. His mother's name was likely Ella. Glenn enlisted in the US Army at Fort Lewis, WA on March 7, 1942. He worked as a County Road laborer in Grant County in the 1930's, but by the 1940 census, he was working as a truck driver. Glenn died in Goldendale on July 14, 1986 and is buried in Plot: Block Section 193 Lot 3, Welfare.
Baie, Mercedes Lynn 05-23-1853
Birthplace: Oregon.   Mother's maiden name: Whitehill. Father's Surname: Mileck (Previous name: Mosman). Spouse : Charles Raymond Baie (married in Reno in 1979).   Passed away in El Dorado, California.   Section 2 Lot 4
Bailey, John Lafayette 01-24-1892
John Lafayette Bailey was born January 24, 1892 in Eugene, Oregon. He married Lora May Nye (previously married to James Comer) in Clark County on May 10, 1922. Lora died in Goldendale on October 5, 1960. John died on April 24, 1966 in Klickitat County. [Resources: WA State Archives, WWI & WWII Draft Registrations]   Plot: Block Section H Lot 7.00 Space 4
Bailey, Lora May Jan 1882
Lora May Nye was born in Washington State in January 1882 to Sarah [Mattson] and Benjamin Nye. She married James Comer in Cowlitz County, WA on Nov 29, 1900. She later married John Lafayette Bailey on May 10, 1922 in Clark County, WA. Lora passed away in Goldendale on October 5, 1960. [Resources: WA Marriages 1802-1902, WA State Archives]   Plot: Block Section H Lot 7.00 Space 3
Baines, Sarah 1825-1910 Section D142 Lot 1
Baker, Almon 1856-1940 Bio Link / (Brother to George H. Baker)   Plot: Block Section 143 Lot 5.00
Baker, Charles d. 01-09-1893 3 days old / (maybe Jan 6, 1893?) / Plot: Block Section 007 Lot 4.00 Space
Baker, Clarence   1880-1968  
Baker, Cora E 1878-1956  
Baker, Earl M 1896-1973 Legion
Baker, Emma C 03-13-1862
Sentinel Archive Death Report   Sentinel Archive Obit Link   Emma C Look was born on March 13, 1862 to Annie [Martin] and Thomas D. Look near Weeping Water, Nebraska. She married George Herbert Baker on September 10, 1884 in Ellensburg, WA. George had a long and prestigious career in Washington politics, and they lived in Goldendale, Ellensburg and Spokane. They had three children together: George, Maude and Ruth. Emma passed away on April 16, 1928 in Spokane, Washington. George would die eight months later on December 24, 1928 in Portland, Oregon.   Plot: Block Section 007   Plot: Block Section 007. S of Lot 4   [Researcher Resources: Obituary; WA State Digital Archives (Death Records); (1870, 1900, 1920; 1880 US Censuses; Nebraska State Census; 1887 WA State & Territorial Census; WA Deaths)]
Baker, Fred Harrison 12-27-1882
Fred Harrison Baker was born December 27, 1882 in Goldendale to Sarah [Chappell] and Almon Baker.   He was married to Mabel (born in Idaho about 1891).   Fred passed away at the age of 72 on April 25, 1955 in Goldendale.   He is buried in Plot: Block Section 143 Lot 5.00 / 4 Ft alley N of 4   [Researcher Resources: (WWI & WWII Draft Registration; 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930 & 1940 US Censuses); WA State Digital Archives (Death Records)]
Baker, George H 11-15-1859
Sentinel Obit Link   Klickitat Agriculturist Obit Link   Legislative biography   George Herbert Baker was born on November 15, 1859 to Elizabeth and George Baker in Prescott, Grenville County, Ontario, Canada. George came west at age 19. He lived in Goldendale, Ellensburg, and Spokane. George married Miss Emma C. Look of Ellensburg on September 10, 1884. George served as U.S. Marshall of Eastern Washington, in the 21st district as representative and twice as a senator of the 16th district. He also served on Ellensburg first city council, and as mayor of Goldendale. He and Emma had three children: George, Maude and Ruth. Emma died on April 16, 1928 in Spokane, WA. George passed away less than a year later on December 24, 1928 after being rushed to Portland, Oregon in the hopes of saving his life from a severe case of apparent sudden onset peritonitis.   [Resources utilized: Chapman Funeral Records, Two obituaries (linked above), 1900, 1910, 1920 census records, Oregon Death Index 1898-2008, Washington Vital Records.]
Baker, George Martin 1885
Son of Emma C [Look] and George Herbert Baker   Spouse: Vearl Irene [Crooks]. Died in Goldendale.
Baker, Lillian O 1890-1915 Gravestone by C. Blandine
Baker, Sarah Ann 10-02-1862
Obit Link   Sarah Ann [Chappell] was born October 2, 1862 in Sedalia, Missouri to Mary [Leach] and William H. Chappell. She married Almon Baker on October 2, 1880. Sarah passed away on March 7, 1951 in Goldendale at the age of 88.   [Researcher Resources: Obituary (Death Records; 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930 & 1940 US Censuses); WA State Digital Archives (Death Records)]
Baker, Twin Girls D 04/1966 Plot: Block Section 105 Lot 4.00 B-24 New Babyland
Baker, Vearl Irene 1893-1989 Nee: Crooks / Spouse: George / Plot: Block Section 007 Lot 5.00
Baldwin, Byron (Baby) 9-28-1905 Gravestone simply is etched with Sept. 28, 1905.   Plot: Block Section 170 Lot 4  
Bales, Dan Sr. 1886-1969  
Bales, Hilda M 1902-1982  
Bales, James D 05-05-1943
News Stories   James was born to Mr. and Mrs. Don Bales May 5, 1943. He was killed at the age of 19 after being thrown from a car east of Klickitat on November 4, 1962.   Block Section A Lot 8.00 Space 5
Bane, Blair 08-14-1959
Mother: Edna Bane / Ashes
Bane, Buel H 1930-1996  
Bane, David S  1954-1984  
Bane, Edna A 03-03-1938
Plot: Block Section E Lot 18.00 Space 2
Bane, George E 1925-1984 Mrd Legion
Barger, Wyndel William 06-29-1913
Spouse (1939): Bernice Viola [Thorn]. Section W Lot 5.00 Space 3-4
Barlow, Ida Sophia 1885
Obit Link.   Parents: Marguerite [Scherer]and August Yeager.   Spouse #1: William (Wilhelm) Scherer. Spouse #2: Darwin Barlow
Barnes, Charles G 09-30-1879
Son of Columbus & Florence / died of penumonia in Seattle
Barnes, Charles R 1963-1963 New Babyland
Barnes, Columbus Owen (C.O.) 04-01-1856
An Illustrated History" [Search for Columbus O. Barnes].   Columbus Owen Barnes (C.O.) was born on April 1, 1856 in Washington County, Ohio to Catherine [Young] and Owen Barnes. C.O. came to Klickitat County in 1877. On December 31, 1879 C.O. married the daughter of John Golden (founder of Goldendale): Florence Golden. Florence passed away on September 13, 1883. C.O. married Florence's sister, Mary Golden about 1864. George died on September 10, 1942 in Portland, Oregon. (Mary died March 23, 1946 in Portland.)
Barnes, Florence Rebecca 09-06-1870
Obit Link   Florence Rebecca Barnes was born September 6, 1870 to Sophia [Dunlap] and James Forgy in Springfield, Illinois. She married John Henry Barnes in Douglas, Kansas in 1889. The Barnes family came to Goldendale in 1896. Her husband died in 1936. Florence passed away on April 8, 1944 in the Goldendale General Hospital.
Barnes, Florence Lincoln 08-14-1864
Florence Lincoln [Golden] Barnes was born on August 14, 1864 in klickitat County to Jane [Parrott] and John Golden. She married Columbus O. Barnes on December 31, 1879. Florence passed away on September 13, 1883.
Barnes, Gertrude E 1865
Sarah [Port] & Henry / Died at Medical Lake, WA
Barnes, Henry Spencer 10-23-1881
Henry Spencer Barnes was born to Mary E [Gartland] and Charles L. Barnes on October 23, 1881 in Menomonie, Dunn, Wisconsin. Henry married Laura [Crout] on October 11, 1911 in Moab, Grand, Utah. He passed away at Klickitat Valley Hospital in Goldendale at the age of 73 on December 29, 1955.   Plot: Block Section I Lot 2.00 Space 5   [Researcher Note: The date and place of birth was obtained from his WWII Draft Registration. Resources utilized: Western States Marriage Index, Washington Vital Records, 1910, 1920, 1930, 1940 censuses.]
Barnes, John Henry 05-02-1860
Obit Link   John Henry Barnes was born to Nancy and William Barnes on May 2, 1860 in East Union, Ohio. He married Florence Rebecca Forgy in 1889 in Kansas. The Barnes family came to Goldendale in 1896. John passed away at home in Goldendale at the age of 62 on October 20, 1936. (His wife Florence died on April 8, 1944 in Goldendale.)S/2 - Lot 5
Barnes, Karama D 1916-1995  
Barnes, Laura 12-18-1889
Laura [Crout] Barnes was born December 18, 1889 in Colorado. She married Henry Spencer Barnes on October 11, 1911 in Moab, Grand, Utah. Henry died on December 29, 1955. The Barnes family spent many years living in Yamhill County, Oregon. Laura passed away on March 12, 1971 in Goldendale.   [Research Resources: Western States Marriage Index, Washington Vital Records, 1910, 1920, 1930, 1940 censuses. Laura's first name may be Anna.]
Barnes, Mary 09-24-1862
Obit Link   Mary [Golden] Barnes was born on September 24, 1862 in Klickitat County, Washington to Jane [Parrott] and John James Golden (Klickitat County Pioneers who the town of Goldendale was named after.) Mary was wedded to Columbus O Barnes (C.O.) about 1864. (Her sister Florence was married to C.O. first, but she died in 1883. C.O. died on September 10, 1942 in Portland, Oregon. Mary passed away on March 23, 1946 in Portland.
Barnes, Sarah Ann 08-17-1825
Nee: Port / Born England / Mother: Elizabeth Clinch
Barrett, Charles A 1898-1969 Gravestone   Charles was the son of Cassie Ann Perlina [Ferguson] and Jacob Grant Barrett. His parents died when he was in his early teens. Charles served in WWI (PFC CO A 711 Engineer BN). He passed away on March 26, 1969 in Goldendale.   Block Section Q Lot 5.00 Space 5
Barrett, Charles Milton 06-18-1918
Gravestone   Charles Milton Barrett was born on June 3, 1918 in Yakima City, WA to Edna Alice [Oliver] and Charles Ellsworth Barrett. He died at the age of 79 on July 14, 1997 in Wasco County, Oregon.
Barrett, Mary Huot 1908-1974  
Bartlett, A C 1843-1905  
Bartmess, Floyd E 1914-1981  
Bartmess, Velma R 02-09-1918
Parents: Winnie Saloma [White] and Thomas Henry Miller. Spouse (1942): Floyd E Bartmess
Barton, Harley Walter 07-14-1897
Obituary and Photo   Gravestone 1   Gravestone 2   Harley was born with his twin sister Arley [Watkins] in Greenfield, Missouri to Nellie [Bailey] and Horace B. Barton. His twin sister: Arley [Watkins] is also buried in Goldendale (1986). Harley married Virginia Daisy [Brock] (Daisy is buried under the name Ewing next to Harley.)   [Note: Harley Barton was killed in a one-car accident on the Goodnoe Hills grade when he went over a 150 foot embankment.]
Bass, Walter E 01-15-1914
Born in Texas to Ellen Rosetta & Doctor Hendrick Bass.   TEC 4 US ARMY WWII.   Ashes "Sam" / Legion
Basse, Louise Marie 02-09-1904
Louise was born to Georgia R. [Parker] and Mortimer Counts in Oregon on February 9, 1904. She married Elam L. (Olie) Binns on August 20, 1924 in King County, WA. After Elam passed away in 1954, Louise married Elmer Basse on August 6, 1961 in Klickitat County, WA. Louise passed away on September 2, 2001 in Multnomah County, Oregon. Louise is buried with her first husband, Elam Binns (and Elmer is buried with his first wife).
Bates, Howard Willis 02-02-1857
Marriage Announcement   Howard Willis Bates was born to Harriet and Augustus E Bates in Wisconsin on February 2, 1857. He was married on June 26, 1879 in Kewaunee County, Wisconsin to Theresa S. Swaty. Howard later married Maude M Letts in August 1891 in Stark County, North Dakota. At the time of his second marriage, Howard was the state's attorney for Stark County. After coming to Washington, Howard became a merchant, and when they settled in Goldendale, he and Maude operated the H.W. Grocery Store. Howard passed away at the age of 86 on February 6, 1943 in Goldendale.   [Researcher Sources: Findagrave Memorial; (Wisconsin Marriages, pre-1907; 1860, 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930 & 1940 US Censuses; WA Deaths); Bismarck Tribune (North Dakota), August 16, 1891, page 3; WA State Digital Archives (Death Records)   (Note: There is a discrepancy on his death date between Howard's gravestone, which lists Feb 6 and the WA Death Records which list his death date as Feb 7. Family trees cite Howard's mother Harriet's surname as "Lockwood".)]
Bates, John H 1915-1983 Spouse: Betty Jean  
Bates, Maude M 10-19-1866
Marriage Announcement   Maude M. Bates was born October 19, 1866 in Illinois to Rev. J.S. and E.W. Letts. She married Howard Willis Bates in Stark County, North Dakota on August 12, 1891. At the time of their marriage, Howard was the state's attorney for Stark County. After coming to Washington, Howard became a merchant, and when they settled in Goldendale, he and Maude operated the H.W. Grocery Store. Howard died in 1943. Maude passed away November 6, 1960 in Skamania County, WA at 93 years of age.   [Researcher Sources: Findagrave Memorial; (1870, 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930 & 1940 US Censuses; WA Deaths); Bismarck Tribune (North Dakota), August 16, 1891, page 3). Note Family records indicate that Maude's parents were Elizabeth W. [Smith] and the Rev. Jeremiah S. Letts.]
Bath, Stuart Coffield 04-14-1912
Obit Link   Stuart Coffield Bath was born on April 14, 1912 to Mary J [Coffield] and Irving S. Bath. He passed away at the age of 9 in Goldendale on November 9, 1921.  
Baxter, Albert F 1872-1946 S/2 - Lot 4
Bayman, Charles Ainsworth 11-17-1880
Obit Link   Charles Ainsworth Bayman was born in Ainsworth, Franklin County, Washington on November 17, 1880 to June/(Jane?) and John D. Bayman. He married Alice Gertrude [Meigs] the former Mrs. Isaac Hickey. (Charles had two children with Alice; his son Eugene died at the age of 13 in Spokane, WA.)   Charles married Olivia [Wiidanen] the former Mrs. John H. Hyrkas on June 26, 1924 in Multnomah County, Oregon. In 1935, Charles and Oliva retired to a ranch in Centerville in Klickitat County.   John passed away at the age of 77 on March 22, 1958 in Centerville.   [Researcher Note: I believe that Alice married again to Ralph W. Hurd on May 3, 1924 in Spokane. Olivia Wiidanen was the daughter of Amanda [Holm] and Andrew Wiidanen. The Wiidanen family came to Klickitat Valley in 1877. Olivia married John H. Hyrkas in Klickitat County on February 14, 1901. They had a son, Edwin Hyrkas on September 27, 1907. To locate the marriage records in 1926 in Oregon, look for "Olive Hyrkas". Resources used included the findagrave memorial for Olivia's son Edwin, the obituaries for Olivia's brothers Peter and Charles Wiidanen, Klickitat County Marriage Records, Oregon Marriage Index, Charles Bayman's obituary, Charles' WWI & WWII Draft Registrations, 1940 census, 1930 census, Charles' son Eugene's WA Death Records]
Bayman, Olivia S 1875-1966 Spouse #1 John H. Hyrkas (1901); Spouse #2 Charles A. Bayman (1924)  
Bazzel, Ervin J 1909
Spouse (1941-Vancouver, WA): Jewel M. [Aaron].   {Researcher Note: Some records list his first name as "Erwin")
Bazzel, Jewel Martha 5-28-1913
Parents: Beulah [Spidall] and Roy Cadwallader. Previous married Name: Jewel M. Aaron. Spouse (1941-Vancouver, WA): Ervin J. Bazzel
Beach, Robert C 1964-1972 New Babyland
Beal, Albert Hartnel 12-18-1858
Gravestone   Obituary   Albert was born December 18, 1857 in Canada to Elma [Nicholson**] and George Reed Beal. The Beal family moved to the Untied States in 1879, and in 1884, Albert married Laura Etta [Miller] in Oberlin, Kansas. In 1906, Albert and Laura moved to Goldendale. Albert died in Toppenish on August 10, 1918. [Researcher Note: Albert's obituary listed his middle name as "Hart;" Washington Death Records cites his middle name as "Hortsal;" however, on two US Naturalization documents, Albert listed his middle name as Hartnel, which is why we chose to list it as such. **I believe this to be an error that came from the Washington State Archives. I believe that Elma's maiden name was Nickerson.]
Beal, Elma 01-08-1829
Greta or "Elma" Nickerson as she was known, was born on January 8, 1829 in Canada. She married George Reed Beal on December 5, 1949, and they had seven children. The Beal family came to Goldendale on March 25, 1909. George died in 1911. Elma passed away on January 19, 1913, in Washougal, Washington. [Researcher Note: Information on Elma's name is difficult. She is cited on two of her children's death certificates as "Greta Elma Nickerson". There are reports that her name was Gualaelma and her last name was Nicholson; however, I believe those to be errors. The 1900 census lists her birth month as February. I was unable to find a death certificate for Elma. Much of the information comes from the gravestone and the site.
Beal, George Reed 1827-1911 George Reed Beal was born December 29, 1827 in Canada to Mary Ann [Reed] and Levitt Beal. He married Gualaelma Elma [Nickerson] on December 5, 1849, and they had seven children. The Beal family came to Goldendale on March 25, 1909. George passed away on March 28, 1911 in Goldendale at the age of 83.
Beal, Laura Etta 02-02-1865
Gravestone   Laura Etta Miller was born to Mary Ann [Fry] and Henry C. Miller in Indiana. She married Albert Hartnel Beal in 1884 in Oberlin, Kansas. In 1906, Albert and Laura moved to Goldendale. Albert died in 1918 in Toppenish. Laura passed away on May 31, 1935 at the age of 70 in Yakima, Yakima, Washington.
Bean, Eddie A 04-26-1947
Eddie A Bean was born on April 26, 1947 and died in Goldendale at the age of 37 on March 9, 1985.   [Researcher Note: This information was obtained from the Washington Death Index and US SS Death Index on]
Bean, George Edgar 1911
Parents: Bertha Etta [Smiley] and Charles Fredrick Bean. Born in Alberta Canada; emigrated abt 1913. Spouse (1939): Dorothy May [Woods]. (George was a sheep herder. His mother is buried as Bertha Smith in this cemetery. Dorothy remarried to Milton Young and is buried as Dorothy Young in this cemetery.)
Beany, Joseph abt 1884
Joseph was born about 1884. He died at the age of 51 at Cliffs, Klickitat, WA. Joseph was buried in the County Potters Field at this cemetery.
Beard, Charmaine L  1927-1987 aka Charmaine Osier
Beatty, George 1819-1891 Spouse: Mary [Sturgess} Beatty
Beauchamp, Lori Kay 1959-1973  
Beaver, Bertha B 1889-1969  
Beaver, Jay Burton 1885-1963  
Beckett, Sarah Adelaide
(This is a duplicate entry. See Sarah Adelaide Marshall)
Obituary and Gravestone   Sarah Adelaide Sturges (Sturgess Sturgis) was born in December 15, 1858(9) to Mary [Goddard] and Orville Sturges in Fort Vancouver, WA. She was initially married to Jesse Phillips Goddard "near Headdsburg," California on December 8, 1878. Jesse Goddard passed away in Hawaii. Adelaide Sturges Goddard and Almon Joseph Beckett were married in Goldendale, Klickitat County, Washington (WA State Archives). After her husband Joseph Beckett passed away in 1923, Adelaide married Howard J Marshall on April 25, 1925 in Goldendale, Klickitat, Washington. Sarah Adelaide Marshall passed away on October 6, 1948 in Yakima, Yakima, WA at the age of 89 (WA State Archives). She is buried beside her second husband Joseph Beckett under the name "Adelaide Beckett".   [Researcher Note: There is a birthdate discrepancy. Her obituary says she was born in 1858; however, her gravestone lists 1859. First marriage information came from the Sacramento Daily Record-Union, December 16, 1878, Page 2 (Ca Digital newspaper Collection). Adelaide's mother is buried in this cemetery under the name Mary Allyn.]
Beckett, Joseph Almon 01-04-1854
Gravestone   Beckett Monument   History Link   Obit Link.   Parents: James and Nancy [McIntosh] Beckett.   Spouse (1893): Adelaide (Sturgess - Goddard)
Beckstrom, Elmo abt 1872
Elmo Beckstrom was born about 1872 in Colorado. Through the 1870 and 1880 censuses, it appears as if his parents were Louis and Mary Matilda Beckstrom. His mother Mary Matilda later married Charles Purvine. (Mary is buried in this cemetery under the name Mary Matilda Purvine.) Elmo passed away on January 14, 1890. (He is buried in the Pioneer Section of the cemetery.)
Beeks, Bessie D 1989 N/2
Beeks, Charles William Augustus "Gus" 09-28-1899
Gravestone   Parents: Mary Etta (Hearn) & James Henry Beeks. Spouse (1940): Margaret C. [Smith].   (Note: WWI Draft lists birthyear as 1900)
Beeks, Dewey A 1898-1977 N/2
Beeks, Gladys E 07-11-1903
Gravestone   Obit Link   Gladys Edith Jensen was born in 1903 to Lula Mary [Parks] and Mikkel Jensen in Colby, Kansas. She and her family moved to Goldendale, where she met and married J. Clifford Beeks on June 4, 1927. Gladys was a long-standing teacher in Klickitat County. Clifford died in 1969. Gladys passed away on June 19, 1970 in Yakima.
Beeks, Hannah Almira 04-01-1812
Nee: Beal.   Spouse: Samuel Nelson Beeks
Beeks, James Henry 12-19-1853
Bio Link   Obit Link   Parents: Hannah Almira [Beal] and Samuel Nelson Beeks. Spouse (1877): Mary Etta [Hearn]
Beeks, Jessie O 1910-1989  
Beeks, Julieth Clifford 1903-1969 Gravestone   Findagrave Obit Link   J Clifford Beeks was born in Goldendale in 1903 to Christina [Hamilton] and Samuel Nelson Beeks. On June 4, 1927, he married Gladys [Jensen] in Klickitat County. Clifford was a rancher for 20 years in this community. He died on January 16, 1969 from a heart attack. His wife Gladys passed away on June 19, 1970 in Yakima.
Beeks, Lonell C 1929-1982  
Beeks, Margaret C 01-28-1912
Gravestone   Parents: Margaret [Willis] and William Francis Smith.   Spouse (1940): Charles William "Gus" Beeks.   Block Section F Lot 9.00 Space 1
Beeks, Mary Etta 11-27-1861
Nee: Hearn. Spouse (1877): James Henry Beeks.
Beeks, Mary J 1894-1982 S/2
Beeks, Minnie 1888-1957  
Beeks, Raleigh T 1889-1964 Gravestone   Parents: Mary Etta [Hearn] and James Henry Beeks.   Block Section F Lot 8.00 Space 3 [Researcher Note: Raleigh is on his gravestone, but family records use the names Riley Timothy or Timothy Riley.]
Beeks, Samuel Nelson 02-10-1879
Findagrave Memorial & Photo   Samuel Nelson Beeks was born February 10, 1879 in Klickitat County, WA to Mary Etta [Hearn] and James Henry Beeks, the eldest of 15 of their children. He married Lela Christina [Hamilton] on April 19, 1903 in Klickitat County.. "Nelson" and "christina" had two children together: Elden & Julieth Clifford Beeks. Nelson passed away on January 17, 1911 in Goldendale in Klickitat County. He is buried. Nelson's wife Lela married Charles A. Jobe. Christina died in Arizona in 1945.   [Researcher Sources: WA State Digital Archives (Marriage Records); (1880, 1900, 1910 US Censuses; 1892 WA State & Territorial Census; Marriage Records); Chapman Funeral Records]
Beeks, William A 1882-1963 S/2
Beeks, William A "Gus" 09-28-1899
This is a duplicate entry. (See Charles William Augustus Beeks)
Beeks, William L 1838-1924  
Begerlin, Raymond F 1906-1986  
Beirlie, James L 1940-1990  
Beirlie, Peter 1895-1977  
Belieu, Arthur W 1906-1961 N/2
Belieu, Loren E 1944-1970  
Belieu, Mary L 1907-1983 N/2
Belieu, Vernon K 1958-1960 New Babyland
Bellamy, Christopher L  1963-1979  
Bellamy, Letha V 1913-1988  
Bellamy, Luther M 1915-1989  
Bellamy, Paul L 1909-1983  
Bellamy, Teresa Marie 02-1967 New Babyland
Bellamy, Thomas W 1945-1969  
Bellows, Howard A 1927-1978 Ashes "Burd"
Bemis, Bruce Leroy 06-17-1950
Born in Los Angeles County, California to Janie [Suver] and Russell Bemis.   Died as a result of a car accident.   Section Lot 9.00 Section 4
Benedict, Martha 1829-1912 Obit Link / Nee: Deidrich / Wife of H.C.
Bennett, Roy Dale 04-15-1890
Parents: Nellie S [Barnes] & Charles Bennett. Roy died of pneuumonia. Plot: Block Section 028 Lot 4.00
Benson, Bertha M 1907-1966  
Benson, John E 1888-1976  
Berglund, Albin Julius 1888-1974 Obit Link   Albin's Father was Ivar Person (also buried in this cemetery). He was married to Julia S/2
Berglund, Julia Kristina 01-20-1893
Obit Link   Julia Kristina [Nelson] Berglund was born in Sweden in 1893 to Christina [Olson] and Nels Nelson. She married Albin Julius Berglund on December 29, 1916 in Colton, Oregon. Julia passed away at the age of 49 on October 25, 1942 in Klickitat County, WA.   [Researcher Sources: [WA State Digital Archives (Death Records); (1920, 1930 US Censuses)]
Berglund, Gemima O. "Minnie" 1885
Gemima O. "Minnie" Berglund was born about 1885 in Norway. (According to WA Death Records), her parents were Olena B. & Hotellius Moi.   Minnie married Nels Berglund on August 11, 1903 in Pierce County.   In the 1910 census, her mother Olina B. Moi was living with the Berglund family.   Minnie passed away August 30, 1957.   Her husband Nels, along with her daughter Emma Edith Johnson are buried in this cemetery.   The Mount Adams Cemetery has three of her children buried in it. 1) Her daughter Norma J. Wildhaber; 2) their son Albin Iver Berglund; and 3) their unnamed infant son who was born and died December 12, 1914.   [Researcher Sources: (1910, 1920, 1940 US censuses; WA Death Records); WA State Digital Archives (WA Marriage Records)
Berglund, Nels 05-21-1875
Nels Berglund was born in Sweden on May 21, 1875. His parents (listed on his WA Death Records) were Kristine [Olson] and Ivor Pearson (Person). Nels married Minnie Gemima Berglund on August 11, 1903 in Pierce County, WA. His occupation was in the logging industry and farming. Nels passed away on April 14, 1951 in Klickitat at the age of 75. He is buried in Plot: Block Section 120 Lot 2.   [Researcher Sources: (1910, 1920, 1940 US Censuses; WA Death Index; WWI Draft Registration); WA State Digital Archives (WA Death Records)]
Bergman, Fred Herman 08-03-1885
Gravestone   Home Fire   Fred H. Bergman was born in McLeod County, Minnesota on August 3, 1885. He was killed in a fire in his home in Wishram at the age of 68 on December 5, 1953.   Block Section 176 Lot 3. County Potters Field.
Bergseng, Gwendolyn 06-11-1900
Obit Link   Gwendolyn Green was born on June 11, 1900 to Alice [Heath] and Charles Green. She married Oliver Bersing (aka "Bergseng") on August 30, 1926. Oliver and Gwendolyn moved to Camp A of the Mid-Columbia Lumber Camp in Carson, Washington. Gwendolyn passed away on September 21, 1928 in the Lumber Camp at Carson, Skamania, Washington. She was returned to Goldendale where services were held with her husband and parents who lived in Goldendale. Gwendolyn was buried in Plot: Block Section 049 Lot 6   [Researcher Note: This is a double entry as some records appear to be under the name "Bersing" and some under the name "Bergseng"]
Berkstresser, Lucille S 1922-1929  
Berkstresser, Mae Elvia 1896-1982 S/2
Berkstresser, Rexford A 1888-1974  
Bernard, Sandra M 1941-1984  
Bernardes, Rafael M 1901-1939 Section 155 Lot 2
Berner, Patricia J 1936-1983 Welfare
Bernier, Mary E 1940-1994 Row O
Berry, Jerry Carl D 1944-1996 Mrd Legion
Berry, Lettie 1876-1967 S/2
Berry, Ralph L 1898-1947 Legion
Bersing, Gwendolyn 06-11-1900
Obit Link   Gwendolyn Green was born on June 11, 1900 to Alice [Heath] and Charles Green. She married Oliver Bersing (aka "Bergseng") on August 30, 1926. Oliver and Gwendolyn moved to Camp A of the Mid-Columbia Lumber Camp in Carson, Washington. Gwendolyn passed away on September 21, 1928 in the Lumber Camp at Carson, Skamania, Washington. She was returned to Goldendale where services were held with her husband and parents who lived in Goldendale. Gwendolyn was buried in Plot: Block Section 049 Lot 6.   [Researcher Note: This is a double entry as some records appear to be under the name "Bersing" and some under the name "Bergseng"]
Best, Roy D 1891-1973 Welfare
Beyerlin, Alice 1919-1995 Gravestone by E. Rowley
Beyerlin, Bert 1911-1996 Gravestone by E. Rowley
Beyerlin, Mary 1876-1950 Gravestone by E. Rowley
Beyerlin, Ramond F. 1906-1986 Gravestone by E. Rowley
Beyerlin, William 1871-1951 Gravestone by E. Rowley / W/2
Bezdicek, John 1901-1972  
Bezdicek, Sylvia A  1906-1965  
Bigby, Marvin Capers 03-01-1880
Born in Honea Path, S. Carolina to Mary [Wilson] and James A. Bigby. Married April 18, 1910 to Olive Kline in Spokane, Wa.   Marvin died in Oregon.   Section 11 St Lot 9
Bigby, Olive K Aug 1879
Olive was born in Illinois to Mary [Easton] and Abraham Kline. On April 18, 1910 she married Marvin C. Bigby in Spokane, WA.   Olive died in Goldendale, Wa and is buried in Section 11 St Lot 9
Billick, Arb R 12-12-1878
Parents: Eva [Stines] and David Billick in Brooklyn, Poweshiek, Iowa. Married Bessie L. Saben on June 29, 1911 in Bon Homme County, S. Dakota.   N/2 - 4 [Researcher Note: Some records show his first name as "Arby". His WWII Draft Registration says that the "R" is an initial only. Daughter Georgia is buried in this cemetery under Koenig.]
Billick, Bessie R 1892
Bessie L. Billick was born in June 1892 to Lily [Williamson] and George Saben. She married Arb B. Billick on June 29, 1911 in Bon Homme County, S. Dakota. Bessie died at the age of 50 in Goldendale, WA.   N/2 - 4
Biners, L Faye 1898-1978   Block Section R Lot 1.00 Sp 4
Biners, Robert M 1884-1970   Block Section R Lot 1.00 Sp 5
Binns, Gastell 06-02-1862
Bio Link   Obit Link   Gastell Binns was born in Kentucky on June 2, 1862 to Jennett [Baker] and William Binns. He was in charge of a pack-horse mail delivery from Goldendale to Yakima. Castell died on March 29, 1936 in Wasco County, Oregon. In 1894, he married Miss Marie Nelson (Nellson) on March 20, 1894 in Klickitat County. He and his wife had ten children, and established a large ranch where he engaged in the sheep and cattle business. Gastell passed away on March 29, 1936 in The Dalles, Oregon at the age of 73.   Plot: Block Section 070B Lot 1.00 N/2 Park Blk  
Binns, Elam L 03-10-1899
Obit Link   Elam L. (Olie) Binns was born in Klickitat County on March 10, 1899 to Marie [Nelson] and Gastell Binns. He married Louise Marie Counts on August 20, 1924 in King County, WA. Elam passed away on July 24, 1954 in Portland, Oregon. His wife Louise married Elmer Basse in 1961; however, when she died in 2001, she was buried beside Elam. (See Louise under the name "Basse".)   S/2 - Lot 5
Binns, Marie 1869
Bio Link of Gastell & Marie   Marie Nelson (Neilson) was born in 1869 in Sweden to Boel [Borman] and Christen Nelson. Marie came to the United States ]at the age of 25, leaving her parents in the old country. She married Gastell Binns on March 20, 1894 in Klickitat County. She and Gastell had ten children. Gastell died on March 29, 1936. Marie passed away Mar 21, 1957 in Vancouver, WA at the age of 87.   Plot: Block Section 070B Lot 1 Park Blk
Binns, Nelson 12-31-1904
Obit Link   Nelson Binns was born December 31, 1904 in Dot, Klickitat, Washington to Marie [Nelson] and Gastell Binns. He passed away on May 4 1970 in Vancouver, Washington.   Plot: Block Section 070B Lot 1 / Ashes
Birlew, James M 01-20-1928
James was born in Texas to Lettie & Joe Birlew. James' gravestone lists his middle name as "Maderson" however, other sources list it as "Madison."   He died on 08-30-1957 in Wishram, Klickitat, WA.   Iowa SN US NAVY   Section 117 Lot 6.00 Space 1
Bishop, Desiah J 1841-1913  
Bishop, Moses S. 04-11-1841
Obituary   Spouse #1 (1866): Desiah [Spencer]   Spouse #2 (1916): idia Sheely.   Moses died in Portland, OR
Bishop, Mother & Father    
Blackwell, Taneela Crystal 10-24-1989 New Babyland A-7   Block Section 105 Lot 3
Blakey, James R. 1921-2000 Gravestone by E Rowley
Blagden, Lydia 1827-1904  
Blagden, Warren 1824-1898  
Blair, Fred Gideon 02-05-1878
Gravestone 1   Gravestone 2   Fred Gideon Blair was born to Sophia Katherine [Brough/Brown] and John Battiest Blair in Grand Isle Vermont on February 5, 1878. He married Mona A. [Clark] on September 30, 1922 in Vancouver, WA. Fred passed away on June 23, 1954 at the age of 76 in Sedro Woolley, Skagit, WA.
Resources: WWII Draft Registration, WA State Archives, WA Marriage Records
Blair, John Battiest 12-16-1851
14 June 1935
Obit link   John was born in Quebec, Canada. His wife was Sophia [Brough]. &nsp; N/2
Blair, Mona A 1876
Gravestone 1   Gravestone 2   Mona was born about 1876 in Idaho Territory. Her father was Walter J. Clark. She married Fred Gideon Blair on September 30, 1922 in Vancouver, WA. Mona passed away on July 21, 1952 in Vancouver, Clark, WA. She is buried on 1st Street in Block 17.
[Researcher Note: Family trees on show that Mona was previously married to Jesse S. Clark on Nov 20, 1892 in Canyon County, Idaho; however, she obtained a divorce from Jesse. These details are unsourced.]
Blair, Mrs. Sophia Katherine 12-20-1852
Nee: Brough / Born in Canada / Died in Klickitat / Spouse; John / N/2
Blake, Margaret A 1886-1956 County
Blakey, James R 09-28-1921
Gravestone   US Army WWII.   County
Blanchard, C O Baby / N/2
Blanchard, Carrol E 06-19-1901
Spouse: Stella [Huff]
Blanchard, Clair R 1897-1983  
Blanchard, Ida Alice 08-28-1860
Parents: Mary [Turner] & Isaac Compton / Spouse: James Willard / Died at Maryhill / Plot: Block Section 111 Lot 4.00
Blanchard, James 'Willard' 08-08-1952
Obit Link   / Spouse #1 Rachel [Cornelius] / Spouse #2 Ida Alice [Compton]
Blanchard, Jesse Howard 04-04-1878
Spouse: Marta Margit [Hagen] / Parents: Rachel [Cornelius] & James Blanchard/ Born: Wisconsin / Died: Goldendale, WA / Plot: Block Section 111 Lot 4.00
Blanchard, John C   Baby / N/4
Blanchard, Leslie Calvin 01-30-1886
Obit link / Parents: Ida Alice [Compton] & James Blanchard / Born & Died (pneumonia) in Cliffs, WA / Twin: Lester / Plot: Block Section 111 Lot 4.00
Blanchard, Lester Isaac 01-30-1886
Died: Wasco Cty, OR / Parents: Ida Alice [Compton] & James Blanchard / Twin: Leslie / Plot: Block Section 111 Lot 4.00
Blanchard, Stella Irene 1900-1986 Nee: Huff / Spouse: Carroll
Bledsoe, Joe R 1889-1938  
Blevins, Lewis F 1915-1968  
Blincken, Leslie A 1927-1983 Legion
Blinn, Roland V 1902-1967 "Jack" / N/2 - 9
Bliss, Gregory 1892-1954 S/2 - 25
Block, Barbara 12-04-1827
Nee: Day / Plot: Block Section 142 Lot 1.00
Blockwell, Tonnee C D 1989 Babyland
Bockover, James R 1883-1914  
Bogart, Abbie Jane 12-16-1874
Gravestone   Abbie was born December 16, 1874 in Vancouver, Clark, WA to Mary Louise [Goddard] and James Henry Allyn. She married William E. Miller on November 30, 1893 in Goldendale, Klickitat County, WA. Mr. Miller died in Portland, Oregon on June 9, 1929. Thereafter, Abbie Allyn Miller married W. Ward Bogart on January 22, 1938 in Yakima County, Washington. Abbie Jane Bogart died at the age of 72 on December 6, 1947 in Stevenson, Skamania, Washington.   Plot: Block Section 15, Lot 3
Bogart, Charles Columbus 11-02-1876
Plot: Block Section 101, Lot 1  
Bogart, Henry Duncan 11-21-1833
Bio Link -   Obit link / Born: Roane Cty, Tenn / Died: Cliffs, WA / Spouse: Mary Jane [Turner]
Bogart, John Henry 12-07-1860
Obit Link   John Henry Bogart was born December 7, 1860 in Laclede County, Illinois to Mary Jane [Turner] and Henry David Bogart. He was an early Klickitat County resident, arriving in the late 1870's. In 1909 John married the former Mrs. Nellie Savage (born in Iowa abt 1863). John died on September 4, 1933 at the age of 72 at Cliffs, Klickitat, WA. He is buried in Plot: Block Section 101 Lot 1.   [Researcher Note: Savage was the name of Nellie's previous husband. Nellie's son (Charles) Wayland Savage (listed in the 1910 census), died on December 22, 1953. The WA death records indicate that his mother's name was Nellie M. Beebe and his father's name was Albert T. Savage.]
Bogart, Mary Jane 05-16-1834
Biography / Nee: Turner / Spouse: Henry / Born: Tennessee
Bogart, William Ward 05-15-1874
Gravestone   William Ward Bogart was born on May 15, 1874 in Missouri to Mary Jane [Turner] and Henry David Bogart. He married the widowed Abbie Jane Miller on January 22, 1938 in Yakima County. William Ward died at the age of 81 on January 2, 1955 in Yakima, Yakima, WA.   Plot: Block Section 15, Lot 3
Bold, Claude W. 1880-1889 Gravestone 1   Gravestone 2   Note
Bold, Ecce 1887-1887 Gravestone 1   Gravestone 2   Note
Bold, Eunice H. - 1889 Gravestone 1   Gravestone 2   Note
Bold, Fred W 1858-1939 Note
Bold, Henry T.   Gravestone 1   Gravestone 2   Note   Spouse: Mariette  
Bold, John Leon 1878-1880 Gravestone 1   Gravestone 2   Note
Bold, Ida Belle 1869-1905 Note   Spouse: Fred W.  
Bold, Rena B. 1882-1889 Gravestone 1   Gravestone 2   Note
Bolster, George Wellington 07-02-1847
Spouse: Puella / Died in Portland
Bolster, Puella Imogen 07-18-1842
Nee: Alvord / Died in Firwood / Spouse George Wellington Bolster
Bonawitz, Roy Thomas 1908
Died at Wishram, Klickitat, Washington
Bone, Mrs Helen 1878-1943 nee Crevling. Plot: Block Section 026 Lot 1
Bonebrake, Dr. (Jacob) Allen 01-21-1852
Mayor Photo   Gravestone   Obit link   Pioneer Interview Link   Bio Link   Jacob Allen Bonebrake was born in Marion County, Iowa on January 21, 1852 to Frances [Mellinger] and Rev. William F. Bonebrake (a minister of the United Brethren Church). His father brought his family west by an ox drawn wagon. Allen trained to be a medical physician in Portland, Oregon at Willamette University, and came to Goldendale to open his practice on March 29, 1884. He served as Mayor of Goldendale for 20 years. Dr. Bonebrake married Letitia Ann Green on June 3, 1885. Dr. Allen Bonebrake passed away in Goldendale on December 31, 1938 after practicing medicine for 53 years in Goldendale.   [Researcher Note: In the Illustrated History link, to find the biograpy, search for "Allen Bonebrake". Dr. Bonebrake's parents are also buried in this cemetery.]
Bonebrake, Holt 04-17-1887
Obituary Parents: Letitia Ann [Flanary] and Dr. Allen Bonebrake. (Died on a trip to Marshfield, Oregon of complications following emergency appendectomy.)
Bonebrake, Letitia Ann 03-22-1867
Gravestone   Sentinel Report of Death   Obit Link   Letitia Ann Flanary was born March 22, 1867 in Forest Grove, Oregon to Emily Jane [Chamberlain] and Thomas Green Flanary. She came with her family to Goldendale in 1878. Letitia married Dr. Allen Bonebrake on June 3, 1885. Letitia Ann Bonebrake passed away March 27, 1938 in Portland, Oregon as a result of heart trouble.
Bonjour, Alice 10-30-1863
Nee: Hollett / Spouse: Charles
Bonjour, Jonas 'Amos' 01-06-1897
Born: Goldendale / Parents: Charles & Alice / Died in Klickitat Cty
Bonjour, Charles F 09-07-1858
Spouse: Alice
Bonjour, Elmer 1894-1913 Son of Charles & Alice
Bonser, Herbert J 1900-1986 Welfare
Borkly, Dennis D 1954 boy drown river / Legion
Bosch, Betty F    
Bosch, David A D 1973  
Boss, Albert K  1882-1966  
Boss, Kemp A 1917-1976  
Boss, Sabry E 1888-1962  
Bossow, Cenna Lolita 1901
Gravestone   Parents: Minnie Malissa [McGinnis] and Diedrich Henry Kimple.   Spouse #1 (Married 02-25-1922 Colville, Stevens County, WA): Charles Adrian Elwood. Spouse #2: Frederick W Bossow.   Cenna passed away in Goldendale on September 20, 1969.   Block Section G Lot 9.00 space 4   [Some records spell Cenna's maiden name as "Kimpel".
Bossow, Frederick W 1913-1962 Gravestone   Cenna Lolita [Kimple - Elwood]
Bosteder, Philip Paul 6-13-1956
Lst sp in Lot 11
Bostwick, Elsie H 1912-1962 Gravestone   Section D Lot 9   N/2
Botting, Emma Katrina 10-10-1867
Spouse: Henry / Born Sweden/Died Portland, OR
Botting, Henry J 05-13-1865
Spouse: Emma
Bouch, Sophia    
Boutwell, Bessie L 07-19-1907
Gravestone   Nee: Odle.   Spouse: Ernest E. Boutwell
Boutwell, Ernest E 05-23-1907
Gravestone   Mother's name: Rebecca. He enlisted in the US Army on Mar 30, 1942 and released from duty on Aug 21, 1945. Ernest married Bessie L. Odle on January 16, 1948 in Klickitat County.He passed away on November 3, 1994 in Goldendale.   Block Section k Lot 6.00 Space 4   [Researcher Note: I believe his first wife was Estella Mae Graves]
Boutwell, Rebecca J 1884
Gravestone   Rebecca was the mother of Ernest E. Boutwell. She died in Goldendale on September 25, 1971. Her grave is located in Block Section N Lot 9.00 Space 5   [Researcher Note: I believe Jane was married to Robert Wilson Boutwell and that her maiden name was Brown. On Robert's WWI Draft Registration he lists his wife's name as Rebecca Jane.
Bowden, Cynthia J 1884-1980 nee Hornibrook
Bowen, Benjamin T 1884-1959  
Bowen, Infant 1919-1919  
Bowen, Margaret E 1876-1919  
Boyes, Lorene D 1994 Alley
Boyes, Vivian 1918-1983  
Boysen, Fred N 1884-1958 S/2 - Lot 1
Boysen, Frieda C 1885-1944 S/2 - Lot 1
Brack, Chester H 1891-1974  
Brack, D A   Old Cemetery
Brack, Dale   Gravestone  
Brack, Doris Gravestone   Doris Mary Yeley was born to Sylvia May [Schuster] and Felix E. Yeley on August 7, 1925. She married Harold Brack on August 20, 1943 in Goldendale, Klickitat, Washington (WA State Archives).Doris passed away on August 27, 2000.   [Research sources: WA State Archives, Felix Yeley's obituary, Findagrave Memorial.]
Brack, Edith P 1899-1986  
Brack, Luesa   Old Cemetery
Brack, Sherry Lee 1958-1958 Baby / N/2
Brader, August 1892-1954 Legion
Brader, John W 10-11-1886
John W. Brader was born October 11, 1886 to Frederica [Helm] and Gerhard Brader in Oakhill, Missouri. He worked herding sheep. He died at the age of 68 in Medical Lake, Spokane, Washington on April 18, 1955 and was buried in Plot: Block Section 175 Lot 1. (His sister Carolena Ownby is also buried in this cemetery.)
Bradstreet, Agnes C 03-19-1895
Obit Link (PDF) pg 24   Agnes was born in Sanborn, Iowa on March 19, 1895 to Alice and Herman Fahlenkamp. She married Jesse Cleveland Bradstreet. Agnes passed away in Goldendale on June 15, 1978.   [Researcher Note: I believe Agnes' maiden name is Wilson.]
Bradstreet, Jess Cleveland (Jr) 1917-1948 News Reports of Death/ Gravestone Jess Cleveland Bradstreet was born May 22, 1917 in North Dakota to Agnes [Fahlencamp] and Jess C. Bradstreet. He married Alda Ruth Moser on August 25, 1938 in Vancouver, Clark County, Washington. Jess passed away of a sudden heart attack at only 30 years of age in Goldendale on March 30, 1948.
Bradstreet, Jesse Cleveland (Sr) 10-12-1893
Jesse Cleveland Bradstreet was born October 12, 1893 in Hastley, Iowa. He was married to Agnes C. Fahlenkamp. Jesse died on January 15, 1929 in Goldendale.   [Researcher Note: Birthdate Discrepancy: Chapman's Funeral home listed his birthdate as 10/11/1892; Jess' WWI Civilian Draft Registration and WWI Draft Registration listed it as October 12, 1893. The Chapman Funeral Home listed the death site as Goldendale; however, I have been unable to find documentation to verify it.]
Brain, Edward Burgess (Eddie) 01-28-1886
Obit Link   Commentary on Eddie's Harness Horse Racing   Eddie Burgess Brain was born January 28, 1886 to Jennie [Burgess] and William Brain in Guerneyville, California. He married Essie Burt. Eddie passed away at the age of 48 in Centerville, Klickitat, WA on March 29, 1934. Plot: Block Section 078 Lot 3 [See Findagrave for a contributed story]
Brain, Essie B 03-16-1887
Essie B. Burt was born in Missouri on March 16, 1887 to Nettie B. [Shepard] and Hiram W. Burt. She married Eddie B. Brain. Eddie died March 29, 1934. Their son Hiram William (Bill) Brain was killed August 7, 1960 when his motor scooter was hit by a car a few miles northwest of Colville, WA. Essie passed away on November 6, 1963 in Centerville, Klickitat, WA. Block Section 078 Lot 3
Branaugh, Charles 08-22-1877
Charles Branaugh was born August 22, 1877 in Bellvue, Sarpy County, Nebraska. He married Mabel C. Emerson. on August 20, 1949 at the Methodist Church in Goldendale. It was officiated by Bruce B. Graseclose and witnessed by William S. and Lucy C. Bush. Charles passed away in 1962 and was buried in Plot: Block Section A Lot 5.00 Space 2.
Branaugh, Mabel C 1879
Mabel C. Emerson married Charles Branaugh on August 20, 1949 at the Methodist Church in Goldendale. It was officiated by Bruce B. Graseclose and witnessed by William S. and Lucy C. Bush. Mabel died in 1961 and was buried in Plot: Block Section A Lot 5.00 Space 2.   [Researcher Note: Emerson is likely not Mabel's maiden name, but probable that it is from a previous marriage.]
Brandner, Allen J 1942-1962  
Brandner, Herbert F 1902-1973  
Branough, Mabel C 1879-1961 S/2
Branton, Cora 08-15-1896
Nee: Smyth / Spouse: James
Branton, Frank Larue 04-13-1866
Obit Link. Parents: Theresa and James Branton. Spouse (1895): Lydia May [Burgen]. Section 073 Lot 4
Branton, James Otis 11-13-1896
Spouse: Cora [Smyth] S/2
Branton, Lydia M 1872-1960  
Brasmer, Baby B 1953 New Babyland
Bratton, Grace T 1886-1968 Thompson
Bratton, Howard 1911-1995 Tal
Bratton, John H 1869-1946  
Bratton, Samuel H    
Bratton, Susan R 1844-1910 Richards
Bratton, Tallyrand 1872-1937  
Bratton, Thomas J 1875-1926  
Bremerman, Floyd 1902-1976  
Bremerman, Laura A  1906-1985 Boots
Bremerman, Laura A 1906-1985 Doubledeck Bottom
Bridgefarmer, Amy L  1887-1974 S/2
Bridgefarmer, D M 1837-1903  
Bridgefarmer, Donald W 1895-1969 Sr.
Bridgefarmer, Florence M 1894-1975 S/2 
Bridgefarmer, Fred Lewis 1879-1951  
Bridgefarmer, Hattie L 1890-1984 S/2
Bridgefarmer, J W 1869-1931  
Bridgefarmer, John W 1911-1981  
Bridgefarmer, John W 1911-1981 N of Lot 2
Bridgefarmer, Sarah E 1871-1964  
Bridgefarmer, Sarah J 1847-1919  
Brincken, Leslie A 1927-1983 Legion
Brisbois, Sidney D 1/1994 Baby
Britton, Unknown   Welfare
Brock, Jacob M 1906-1992  
Brock, Velona P 1910-1993  
Broder, John W 1886-1955  
Brokaw, Alice Faye 1914-1975 "Tiny"
Brokaw, Anna 1890-1957  
Brokaw, Baby    
Brokaw, Barbara Jean 10-05-1934
Gravestone   Barbara Jean Brokaw was born to Clara [LeFever] and Peter Brokaw October 5, 1934. she passed away the next day on October 6, 1934 in Goldendale.   [Researcher Note: According to family trees, Barbara was a twin birth; however, the twin survived.]
Brokaw, Caroline 02-18-1841
Obit link   Caroline was born in Warren County, Pennsylvania February 18, 1841. Her father was John Mandeville. She married McKendre Hiram Whitney in 1855. He passed away in 1855. Caroline then married Peter Brokaw on January 10, 1864. The Brokaw family moved to Klickitat County in October 1874 where her husband was a farmer and raised stock. Peter died in 1905. Caroline passed away on December 15, 1914 at the age of 73 in Goldendale.
Brokaw, Catherine Ann 06-13-1943
Gravestone   Findagrave Obit & photo link   "Cathy" was born on June 13, 1943 in Goldendale to Clara and Peter Brokaw. She passed away at the age of 67 in Goldendale on April 19, 2011.
Brokaw, Charles O 1873-1952 S/2 - Lot 23
Brokaw, Clara 1947 Baby
Brokaw, Clara 02-13-1914
Gravestone   Clara was born to [Meredith] and Harry LeFever in Washington on February 13, 1914. She married Peter Bryant Brokaw on September 23, 1933 in Goldendale, Klickitat County, WA. Clara passed away on October 25, 2000.
Brokaw, Edward F    
Brokaw, Geo C    
Brokaw, George R 1897-1956  
Brokaw, Gilbert Eugene 08-09-1918
Obit Link   Gilbert Eugene Brokaw was born in Goldendale on August 9, 1918 to Anna [Hart] and Ira Brokaw. He married Lorraine J. Perry in 1939. Gilbert was killed in a shooting accident on October 24, 1942 at the age of 25.
Brokaw, Infant    
Brokaw, Infant    
Brokaw, Ira Newton 1897-1955
Brokaw, Ira Newton (Jr) 11-29-1922
Gravestone   Obituary   Parents: Anna [Hart] and Ira N. Brokaw Sr.   Spouse (1943): Dorothy [Freer].
Brokaw, John N 12-26-1869
John N. Brokaw was born December 26, 1869 to Caroline D. [Mandeville] and Peter Brokaw. He passed away on February 26, 1887 in Klickitat County.   [Researcher Note: The information for this entry is from the findagrave memorial site, and is not backed by this researcher with further documentation.]
Brokaw, Lillian A 1893-1962 S/2 - 23
Brokaw, Lizzie    
Brokaw, Margaret Ceil 07-11-1953
Gravestone   Goldendale Sentinel Obit   Margaret (or "Maggie") was born July 11, 1953 to Elizabeth Jean [Hatfield] and Ernest Brokaw in Tacoma, WA. She passed away at the age of 55 on March 28, 2009 in her home in Goldendale.
Brokaw, Pete's Baby    
Brokaw, Peter 1827
Obit link   The Brokaw Farm (See Page 214)   Peter Brokaw was born near Millstone, New Jersey in 1827. He arrived in Goldendale in October 1874 where he was a farmer and raised stock. He was married to widow Caroline [Mandeville] Whitney in Pennsylvania. Peter passed away in Goldendale on February 3, 1905.
Brokaw, Peter Bryant 1899
Gravestone   Peter Bryant Brokaw was born to Temperance E. [Robertson] and George Brokaw in Washington in 1899. He was married to Clara LeFever on September 23, 1933 in Goldendale, Klickitat County. Peter passed away in Goldendale at the age of 47 on January 8, 1947.
Brokaw, Ray   Baby
Brokaw, Temperance E 1864-1954  
Bronkhorst, John C 05-09-1930
Gravestone   "Johnny" was born on May 9, 1930. He died in Yakima, Yakima County on June 19, 1978. Johnny is buried in Block Section Q Lot 8.00 Space 3
Brooks, Margaret A 1968-1972  
Brooks, Nelson B 01-23-1858
Obit Link Nelson Beers Brooks was born January 23, 1858 in Lenawee county, Michigan to Martha [Taylor] and Emory Brooks. He arrived in Klickitat county in 1880 and married Rosa A. [Olds] on August 12, 1883. Nelson was an esteemed attorney, Judge and a primary figure in the development of Goldendale and Klickitat County. He passed away on June 13, 1928 at home in Goldendale.
Brooks, Rosa A 1861-1948 Nee: Olds. Wife of Nelson B. Brooks
Brooks, Zola O 1892-1959 Son of Rosa [Olds] and Nelson B. Brooks.   Legion
Brosiner, Hugh 1953-1953 New Babyland
Brott, C B    
Brown, Abe 1916-1962  
Brown, Alice    S/2
Brown, Amy G 1897-1952 S/2
Brown, ARchie C 1913-1953 Legion
Brown, Charles E 1875-1954 Gravestone  
Brown, Fannie   N/2
Brown, George R 1869-1949 Gravestone    
Brown, Infant    
Brown, Joshua 1835-1870  
Brown, Mary 1837-1905 Gravestone    
Brown, Mrs Haley    
Brown, Oris M 1917-1990 Lot 10
Brown, Ralph A 1890-1964 N/2 - Lot 23
Brown, Ray V 1900-1978 Legion
Browning, Diana Lee 4-1961 New Babyland
Browning, Penny L 1951-1952 New Babyland
Bruce, Rosemary 1918-1994  
Bruce, William E 1945-1995 Legion Single
Brumbaugh, Hugh E 1918
Hugh Elmo Brumbaugh was born to Ora Rosella [Smith] and Daniel Peter Brumbaugh. He passed away on July 8, 1920 in Goldendale at the age of 2.   Block Section 180 Lot 1
Brumm, Ida    
Bruen, R E    
Bruner, Baby 1959 New Babyland
Bruner, Clyde D 1923-1963  
Bruner, Eva 1875-1955  
Bruner, Harry A 1904-1965 Legion
Bruner, Lloyd    
Bruner, Melody J 5-1954 New Babyland
Bruner, Robert H 1907-1961 N/2 - 25
Bruner, William C 1901-1969  
Bruner, William L  1900-1953 N/2 - 25
Bryan, Lorraine 1924-1959 Toppenish
Bryan, Marguerite J 1911-1956  
Bryan, Thessie I 1897-1961  
Bryant, Bessie 1890-1921 Gravestone   Spouse: James A. Bryant
Bryant, James H 1836-1920 Gravestone
Bryant, Mary    
Bryson, Clara D 1985  
Bryson, Joseph R 1908-1990  
Buckman, Russel M 1957 New Babyland
Budda, E Alice 1870-1917 Section 070 Lot 3
Buddee, Emma Alice abt 1870
Obit Link   Emma Alice was born to Mary P [McBee] and W. M. Radcliffe in Hillsborough, Oregon.   Spouse #1 (1892): Bartholomew Fenton. Spouse #2 (1913): Rudolph Buddee. Died in Portland.
Budke, David Michael 08-08-1975
David Michael Budke was born August 8, 1975. He passed away in Wasco County on June 18, 1992.   Plot: Block Section V Lot 9
Bunnell, Alby M 02-12-1834
Gravestone   Alby was born February 12, 1834 (by family accounts, in Portage County, Ohio). He married Sarah Ann Mitchell in Salem, Oregon about 1858. The Bunnell family moved to Klickitat County as the second white family to settle in the county. in his wife Sarah's obituary, it is stated that "when Mr. Bunnell died 45 years ago, his body was wrapped in blankets and carried by the Indians across the frozen Columbia river to The Dalles where it was buried. It later was transferred to the Goldendale cemetery where Mrs. Bunnell's interment took place." The original gravestone remains located in The Pioneer Cemetery in The Dalles. Alby died on February 9, 1881. The Bunnell family gravestone is located in Plot: Block Section 083 Lot 3.   [Researcher Note: Sarah's obituary cited her husband's name as Alvin. I do not know if that was an error by the publisher, or if that was his formal name. All other documentation that I could find for him (and his son named Alby Jr) was under Alby; however, "Alby" does seem like a nickname as opposed to a formal name.]
Bunnell, Andrew L 01-31-1864
Gravestone   Obit Link   Andrew L. Bunnell was born to Sarah Ann [Mitchell] and Alby Bunnell on January 31, 1864. The Bunnell family were the second white family to settle in Klickitat County. Andrew married Mrs. Dora Dale Richards [nee: Golden] in Vancouver, Clark County, Washington on September 14, 1914. Andrew died at the age of 69 in Portland, Oregon on March 4, 1933.
Bunnell, Arthur L 1880
Gravestone   Arthur L. Bunnell was born in 1880 to Sarah Ann [Mitchell] and Alby M. Bunnell. He passed away on February 9, 1889, and was at least initially buried in the Pioneer Cemetery in The Dalles, Oregon near his Father Alby. It is unclear if his remains were moved in 1926 when his mother died and was buried in this cemetery. Alby's remains were evidently relocated to rest beside Sarah as stated in her obituary; however, there is no mention of whether Arthur's remains were also relocated. Arthur's name, however, is etched into their gravestone in the Goldendale Mountain View Cemetery. (Arthur was 8 years, 4 months, 2 days old at his death.
Bunnell, Dora Dale 10-11-1872
Dora Dale Golden was born in Oct. 11, 1872 in Goldendale, Washington Territory to Jane G. [Parrott] and John J. Golden. According to the Klickitat Agriculturist account of her father John J. Golden's death in 1906, Dora was the first white child born in Goldendale. She was first married Ira Clark Richards on June 24, 1891 in Klickitat County. After Ira's death in 1906, Dora married Andrew L. Bunnell in Vancouver, Clark County, Washington on September 14, 1914. Dora passed away on July 25, 1952 in Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon.
Bunnell, Grant    
Bunnell, Grant C 1868-1924  
Bunnell, Martha Jane J 1871-1962  
Bunnell, Martha Jean J 1871-1962  
Bunnell, Sarah Ann 03-26-1840
Gravestone   Obit Link Sarah Ann [Mitchell] was born March 26, 1840 in Pennsylvania. She crossed by Oxteam to Oregon in 1852 with her family. Sarah married Alvin or Alby Bunnell when she was 18, and the young family moved as the second white family in Klickitat County. Her husband died in 1881. Sarah passed away in Portland February 19, 1926.   [Researcher Note: There is a discrepancy between the gravestone date of 1928 and the Chapman Cemetery Records along with the published date of the obituary in 1926; however, the Oregon death records also have the date of 1926, and therefore, that is the date cited herein, with the supposition that the gravestone had the wrong date etched into it.]
Burbank, Julie A 1-1979 New Babyland / Ashes
Burbank, Rebecca C  1980 Babyland / Ashes
Burgen, Alfred E 1871-1936  
Burgen, Benjamin F 1819-1914  
Burgen, Charles Richard 06-22-1899
Tragic Death   Parents: Nettie [Hadley] and John Wesley Burgen   Plot: Block Section 005 Lot 1.   [Researcher Note: Washington Death Index Lists 7-22-1914 as the date he died; however, his gravestone says 7-21-1914.
Burgen, Ethel C 1894
Parents: Myrtle Dell [Johnson] and Alfred E. Burgen   died at age 4 from inflammation of bowels
Burgen, Fred P   Blk 34 - Lot 01 ?
Burgen, Guy Raymond 1889
Parents: Mary [Scammon] and William C Burgen   died of peritonitis at age 9
Burgen, James A 1866-1942  
Burgen, John Simpson 1824
Born in Virginia   Died of nephritis
Burgen, John Wesley 02-10-1860
Parents: Susan [Boots] and Thomas Burgen   Spouse: Nettie [Hadley - Taylor]
Burgen, Johnie 01-12-1902
Plot: Block Section 041 Lot 4
Burgen, Mary A 1867-1954  
Burgen, Newton O 1860-1907  
Burgen, Olive A 1879-1939  
Burgen, Pearl 01-11-1891
Pearl was the baby of Nettie [Hadley] and John W. Burgen
Burgen, Susan 1843-1923  
Burgen, Susan 11-16-1886
Susan was the baby of Nettie [Hadley] and John W. Burgen
Burgen, Susannah 1819-1915  
Burgen, Thomas 1827-1897  
Burgen, William C 1855-1928  
Burke, Floyd J 1901-1972  
Burkett, Roy L 1896-1966 Section N Lot 4
Burnett, B M 1950 Section 083 Lot 3
Burnett, Selmon M 1872-1950  
Burr, Florence 1906-1985 Spouse: Roy Burr
Burr, Roy E 1899-1959 Spouse: Florence
Burril, Norman Eugene 10-23-1954
Parents: Cora Ann [Davis] and William Eugene Burril.   New Babyland
Burt, Hiram W 08-13-1845
Father: Franklin Burt.   Spouse: Nettie B. [McKillip]
Bush, Don Pedro 1875
Parents: Mary C. [Bopp] and Henry H. Bush. Spouse: Mabel Charlotte [Warner].   Block Section 100 Lot 5
Bushaw, John abt 1862
Obit Link.   Parents: Chloe & Philip Bushaw.   Spouse: Mary E. Snyder
Butts, Cecil John 11-11-1902
Parents: (Isabelle) Belle [Clements] and Harrison Butts. Block Section 050 Lot 2.50 Ally btwn 2 and 3
Butts, Linda Lea 04-30-1940 Baby Row. Parents: Verna Lea [Sampson] & Jay Lafayette Butts
Byars, Ada Catherine 03-17-1872
Gravestone   Obit Link   Ada Catherine [Nesbitt] Byars was born to Eliza [Clarkson] and Joseph Nesbitt in Atchinson, Kansas on March 17, 1872. After her mother died in 1875, Ada and her father came to Klickitat County to make their home. Ada graduated from the Willamette University conservatory of Music. She met and subsequently was married to William F. Byars. They had seven children together. Ada passed away on September 11, 1936 at the age of 64 in Goldendale.
Byars, Alfred Rex 1933-1947 Gravestone
Byars, Alfred T 1899-1949 Gravestone
Byars, Alfred T 1950-1995 Gravestone   possible 2nd 8 St
Byars, Dorothy F 1909-1936 Gravestone
Byars, John Robert (Bob) 02-10-1922
Gravestone   John R Byars (Sr) was born February 10, 1922. He passed away December 8, 1995 in Multnomah County, Oregon.
Byars, Mary Jo 1946-1985 Gravestone   / Ashes
Byars, Minnie 1890-1987  
Byars, Rex    
Byars, Steven D 1948-1969  
Byars, William F 1871-1949 Gravestone
Byars, William Rev * 1893-1982 *Nesbitt
Byers, Barbara (Story) 1945-1999 Gravestone by C. Blandine
Byman, Mahala 1863-1953