Published in The Goldendale Sentinel - December 10, 1964, pg 1
(Copied from original newspaper by Researcher Ellen Rowley)

Man Killed near Maryhill

John G. Turner

"The mangled body of a man identified as John G. Turner, 29, last known address, 3rd Ave. Portland, Ore was found along the SP&S railway right of way Sunday morning, December 6, 11 a.m. by Tsugio (Doc) Takahashi who reported the accident to the sheriff’s office.

According to report from the sheriff’s office, the first evidence of the accident was found approximately 240 feet west of the private railway crossing near the Takahashi farm. Small pieces of flesh and clothing were found scattered along the right of way and the body was found lying 420 feet west of the crossing. The right arm was severed below the elbow, the left arm was severed approximately six inches below the shoulder and the right leg was cut off at the hips and deposited 35 feet west of the body. The cranium was cut in half just above the ears.

According to the sheriff’s report, it could not be determined whether the man had been hit by the engine or had fallen between the cars. However, it was the opinion of those investigating the accident that Turner had fallen between the cars and therefore was not seen by the engineer at the time of the accident.

The accident was investigated by Sheriff D. H. Pruitt and Coroner Alf Jacobsen.

The body was taken to the Knosher funeral home, Goldendale."