The Goldendale Sentinel, Vol. 66, No. 8
February 22, 1945, Page 1

Woman Drowns As Car Plunges Into Klickitat River

"Mrs. Roy Ray Dies As Faulty Steering Gear Causes Automobile To Careen Into River East Of Klickitat Monday; Husband Escapes Unharmed After Being Swept Out Or Car By Current; Girl Was Former Rosemary Doubravsky

Mrs. Roy Ray (Rosemary Doubravsky) 20, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Doubravsky, Goldendale, was drowned Monday night about 11:00 o'clock as the car in which her husband was driving plunged over the bank into the Klickitat river about one mile east of the town of Klickitat. She was caught in the car and was unable to free herself. Her husband was also carried into the river, but the car door opened on his side and he escaped unharmed. A bolt in the knuckle of the steering arm became loosened, it was later revealed, and the car careened to the left side of the road and went into a deep place used as a swimming hole by people in Klickitat..."
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The Goldendale Sentinel, Vol. 66, No. 10
March 8, 1945, Page 7

Obituary: Rosemary Doubravsky

"Rosemary Doubravsky was born March 21, 1924 at Goldendale to her parents, Charles and Mary Doubravsky. She was raised in this community and graduated from the Goldendale high school with the class of 1943..."   For the rest of this obituary, click on the following link to Small Town News Rosemary Doubravsky.

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