The Ogden Standard-Examiner, Fiftieth Year - No. 140
Friday, June 4, 1920, Page 2
(Ogden City, Ugah, Evening Edition)

Race Riots Disturb People of Waukegan

Chicago. June 3 -- Rear Admiral Frederick B. Bassett, commandant at the United States naval training station at Great Lakes, Ill., today forbade enlisted men to visit Waukegan, Ill. He took this action because of race rioting between marines, sailors, civilians and negroes, which has broken out there twice this week.
   Only enlisted men having bona fide homes in Waukegan are excepted.
   Elmer M Huckfeldt, a marine of Holstein, Neb., who was shot last night, was at the station hospital today, having a charge of buckshot taken out of him. Rear Admiral Bassett said his wounds were slight. Who fired the shot, he said, was not known.
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The Goldendale Sentinel, Vol. 93, No. 36
September 7, 1972, Pages 1 & 8

Two Prominent People Die

Elmer M. Huckfeldt, 68, died Labor Day at the Klickitat Valley Hospital following an extended illness. He had been county agent here from 1944 until 1959 when he went to Tripoli, Lybia to serve five years as livestock specialist for the United States government. After his retirement, he lived in Goldendale..."   For the rest of this item, click on the following link to Small Town News Two Prominent

Elmer M. Huckfeldt

Elmer M. Huckfeldt was born at Holstein, Nb. February 22, 1904, and died at age 68 at Klickitat Valley Hospital September 4, 1972 following an extended illness...   For the rest of this item, click on the following link to Small Town News Elmer M. Huckfeldt

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