Published in The Goldendale Sentinel - July 9, 1964, pg. 1
[Copied from original newspaper by Researcher E Rowley]

Farm accident kills man

"Ralph A. Griffith, 72, was killed instantly about 7:30 a.m. Friday, when run over by a tractor he was operating on the Bert Beyerlin ranch south of Goldendale.

Griffith, who had been employed seasonally during hay harvest for the past 22 years by Beyerlin, was attempting to start the diesel tractor, to begin the day’s work. The tractor, on a slight incline, had been left in gear when stopped the night before.

Griffith stood in front of the left rear wheel and started the tractor. When it started moving he attempted to throw it out of gear. In so doing he was walking backward and when he stumbled and fell he was run over by the wheel.

The slow-moving tractor and baler continued a farther distance before being stopped by Beyerlin, who ran to the scene. Beyerlin had been some distance from the tractor, hunting a fence post to use in aligning the baler tongue, when the tractor was started by his employee.

Griffith, whose home was at Clarkston, Wash., was unmarried. He is survived by a brother, Frank, Olympic Hotel, Tacoma; a sister, Mrs. Bessie L. Patrick, Santa Barbara, Calif.; and another sister in California, whose name and address are unknown. The body was taken to Knosher Funeral Home, awaiting arrangements for burial."