The Goldendale Sentinel, Vol. 86, No. 46
November 18, 1965, Page 4

Jack Galloway

"Jack Galloway was born in Hammondsville, Ohio, February 13, 1884. He passed away Friday, November 12, near Goldendale, from a heart attack. He spent many years of his early life in Wyoming near Shoshone..."     [For the rest of this obituary, click on this link to Small Town News Obituary for Jack Galloway.]

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The following news articles all were obtained from Small Town News, which provide an Archive of The Goldendale Sentinel,
November 25, 1965, Vol. 86, No. 47. You can find these items on page 2, page 6, and page 7.

Tribute to a good neighbor

"Americans, Westerners at least, place a high value on hospitality and neighborliness. So it is quite natural that among many of us being a good neighbor is one of life's highest goals..."

Neighbors' Farewell

"Jack, we sent you off as regal as a king. Every one of your neighbors was there, each on his own, too. Jean came from her teaching near Portland; Jan and Joan took time out; Mike and Tyler a half day off; it was Ruth's day at home. Dixie and Linda from school. Patsy and Margaret were there in spirit. We all bade you farewell, neighbor Jack Galloway..."

Card of Thanks

"We would like to express our appreciation for all the kindness and consideration given at the death of our dear friend, Jack Galloway. -- Mr. and Mrs. Henry Arens."

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