The following news story of this death was found at the US Gen Web Archives.
It appears to have been published in the July 15 Issue of the
The Ritzville Journal-Times July 15, 1920

Young Man Killed By Train At Lind

Last Saturday morning a sad accident occurred at Lind when Norman Carter, a seventeen year old youth, was killed by being struck by the engine of passenger train No. 333 on the Northern Pacific. The young man had stepped off the track and thought he was clear of the train when part of the engine struck him, breaking his neck. Mr. Carter had come from his home at Vancouver to work in this county in the harvest. His father, who is an employee of the S. P. & S. at Vancouver, was notified and he came at once to take charge of the body.

The remains were shipped to Maryhill, in Klickitat County, for interment.

Another sad feature is the fact that this is the fourth fatal accident that has occurred with the same engineer. Others were Mr. Wood and Mr. Reeder at Lind, and Mr. Wm Goodenough at Hatton. In each case the fatality was accidental, but the engineer feels deeply, it is reported, that he has been unwitting agent in so many fatalities.

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