Mt. View Cemetery
Names Beginning with "J"

Name Dates Info
Jackson, Amy 1898-1988 aka Amy Personette
Jackson, Donald E. 1915-1983  
Jackson, Earl B. 1885-1957  
Jackson, Emeline C 1854
Obit Link   Emeline C. Coley was born in 1854 to Laura [Sherman] and George V. Coley. She married Samuel L. Jackson in 1870 in Ohio. The Jackson family came to Klickitat County in 1887. Samuel passed away in 1922. Emeline died on March 18, 1937 in Goldendale at the age of 82. She is buried in Plot: Block 121 Lot 2
Jackson, Ethel Daisy 10-26-1881
Obit Link   Ethel Daisy [Collins] Jackson was born October 26, 1881 in Klickitat County to Estella [Rogers] and A. R. Collins. She married Frank Leslie Jackson on November 25, 1900 in Goldendale. Ethel passed away on July 5, 1950 in Goldendale. &nsp; Washington State Archives (Marriage & Death)]
Jackson, Eugene   Legion
Jackson, Eva May 03-24-1888
Eva May [Ellsworth] Jackson was born March 24, 1888 in Modena, Mercer County, Missouri to Ida Forence [Loe] and Emanuel Ellsworth. She married Earl Brantson Jackson. Eva passed away on November 26, 1982 in Goldendale. (Information retrieved from Findagrave Memorial.)   [Researcher Sources: Washington Death Index; Soc Sec Death Index; 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930, 1940 censuses; Findagrave Memorial.]
Jackson, Evelyn Gladys 1905
Evelyn Gladys [McKune] Jackson was born 1905 to Cora [Miller] and David McKune in Kansas. The McKune family came to Klickitat County in 1916. Evelyn married John Monroe "Jack" Jackson on August 14, 1927 in Goldendale. She died on July 12, 1939 in Yakima, Yakima, WA. Plot: Block 142 Lot 6
Jackson, Frank Leslie 01-09-1871
Obit Link   Frank Leslie Jackson was born on January 9, 1871 to Emeline C [Coley] and Samuel Jackson in Beverly, Washington County, Ohio. Frank married Ethel Daisy Collins on November 25, 1900 in Goldendale. Frank passed away on May 27, 1955 at the age of 84 in Yakima, Yakima, WA. &nsp; Ohio Births & Christenings Index (; WA State Archives (Marriage & Death)]
Jackson, Gail William 10-11-1909
Jackson, George C. 1882-1968  
Jackson, Hazel. 10-05-1912
Obit Link   Hazel [Henbree] Jackson was born in Sulfur, Oklahoma to Anna and Elijah Henbree. She married Tommy Lee Hatfield. She married Gail Jackson on June 22, 1959. Hzel passed away in Goldendale
Jackson, H. C.   Plot: Block 033 Lot 3   [Note: There is reported to be no marker on this grave.]
Jackson, Harry M. 1909-1990  
Jackson, John Monroe "Jack" 10-12-1901
Obituary   John Monroe "Jack" Jackson was born on October 12, 1901 "at Wall Street near Mound City," Kansas* to Rosalie and William Jackson. He married Evelyn Gladys McKune on August 14, 1927 in Goldendale. (Evelyn passed away in 1939.) Jack passed away on February 18, 1980 in Edmonds, Washington.   [Researcher Note: Date of birth was cited from Jack's SS Death Record as opposed to the date of the 10th that is listed in his obituary.]
Jackson, Janice Marie 1929-1953 Janice Marie Jackson was born in 1929 to Evelyn Gladys (McKune) and John (Jack) Monroe Jackson. In the 1930 census, she was living with both of her parents in Goldendale. Her mother Evelyn died in 1939, when Janice was nine years old. In the 1940 census, Evelyn and her father Jack were living with Jack's sister Mary and her husband Evart Davidson in Goldendale. Janice died in 1953. Plot: Block 142 Lot 6.
[Researcher Sources: (1930 and 1940 US Censuses); *Note: A family tree on listed Raymond Lee Hartz as Janice's husband; however, I could find no documentation.]
Jackson, Martha Jean 02-22-1921
Martha Jean Jackson was born on February 22, 1921. She passed away on November 1, 1924 in Goldendale at the age of 3.
Jackson, Johnnie E. 1931-1991 Ally btwn Lots 1&4
Jackson, June L. 08-30-1889
Gravestone   June Mabel (or possibly Mabel June) was born in Iowa on August 30, 1889 to Harriet and Peter J. Lichty. She married Rollo A. Jackson on April 12, 1914 at Sunnyside, Yakima, Washington. It was witnessed by Frank Lichty and Delina Jackson. Rollo died in 1949 in Colorado when he fell from a train. June passed away on April 11, 1976 in Goldendale. Plot: 10th Street, Lot 3  
Jackson, Merle E. 1916-1955  
Jackson, Otis D 1989 Ashes
Jackson, Phyllis E. 1912-1990  
Jackson, Reece S. 1910-1981 Legion
Jackson, Robert C. 1943-1992  
Jackson, Rollo Andrew 11-23-1891
Gravestone   Died from Train Fall   Rollo Andrew Jackson was born November 23, 1891 in Goldendale to Laura [Ferrell] and Rollo E. Jackson. He married June Mabel Lichty on April 12, 1914 at Sunnyside, Yakima, WA. Rollo was killed when he quite perplexingly fell from a train on February 4, 1949 in Denver, Colorado while he was on a trip for a wool grower's convention. Rollo is buried in Plot: 10th Street, Lot 3  
Jackson, Samuel Livingston 01-02-1844
Obit Link   Samuel Livingston Jackson was born January 2, 1844 in Washington County, Pennsylvania to Sarah [Wantland] and Isaac Jackson. He served in the Civil war in the 4th W Va Cavalry, and later in the 196th Ohio Volunteer Infantry. He married Emeline C. Coley in 1870 in Ohio. The Jackson family came to Klickitat County in 1887. Samuel passed away on November 19, 1922 at the age of 78 in Goldendale, WA. Plot: Block 121 Lot 2
Jaco, Malika Dalynn 11-13-1986
Malika Dalynn Jaco was born on November 13, 1986. She died at the age of 4 on October 12, 1991 in Goldendale.   Plot: Block 105 Lot 3.00 B-06 New Babyland
Jacobs, Blanche C. 09-30-1861
Obit Link   Blanche Catherine Jacobs was born in Springdale, Iowa on September 30, 1861 to Catherine [Robison] and James Parrott. She married Lewis T. Jacobs in Iowa on December 26, 1880. Blanche and Lewis had seven children together. Blanche passed away on May 19, 1931 at the age of 69 in Goldendale.
Jacobs, Boyd M. 12-04-1898
Boyd Jacobs was born on December 4, 1898 in Iowa to Blanche [Parrott] and Lewis T. Jacobs. He died on April 21, 1919 in Wasco County, Oregon. Plot: Block 107 Lot 1.   [Researcher Note: I found it interesting that in the 1900 census in Cedar County, Iowa, that Boyd is a year and a half old; however, he is cited as "not named". Resources utilized: WWI Draft Registration, Oregon Death Records, both parents' obituaries, 1900 & 1910 censuses and Columbia Hills Funeral Records.]
Jacobs, Lewis T. 05-01-1847
Obit Link   Lewis T. Jacobs was born on May 1, 1847 to Anne [Gillan] and Peter Jacobs in Sexton, Cedar, Iowa. On December 26, 1880, he married Blanche Catherine Parrott. Living the majority of his life in Iowa, he and his family came to Klickitat County 1909. Lewis passed away in Seattle, WA on November 1, 1931 when he was 84 years old.
Jacobs, Peter C. 11-06-1881
Peter C Jacobs was born in Cedar County, Iowa in November 6, 1881 to Blanche [Parrott] and Lewis T. Jacobs. He married Minnie Grace [Dickinson] on June 7, 1908; however, they were apparently later divorced. died at the age of 62 in Seattle, King, Washington on September 24, 1944.   [Resources: WA Death Records, Cedar County Marriage Records, 1940 census in Klickitat County - (cited as divorced), WWII Draft Registration]
Jacobsen, Alf M. 1923-1972 Obituary   Alf was born to Mr. and Mrs. Christ on Puget Island. He served with the 8th Air Force in the European theater. In 1949, he married Muriel G. Robbins. Alf died at home in Goldendale.   Lot 11.00 Space 1 Street 8th St
Jacobus, Helen Pearl [Shingler] 11-30-1911
Gravestone   Gravestone 2   Couple Tours on Second Honeymoon (See Column 1)   Helen Pearl [Shingler] Jacobus was born at Lindell, B.C., Canada on November 30, 1911. She married Leonard Charles Jacobus on September 21, 1933 in Whatcom County, Washington. Helen petitioned to become a naturalized US citizen on July 5, 1939 in Whatcom County. Helen passed away on February 13, 1993 in King County, Washington at the age of 81. She is buried Plot: Block G Lot 9.00 Space 5.
[Researcher Sources: Findagrave Memorial; 1921 Census of Canada; 1940 US Census; US Border Crossings from Canada to US 1895-1956; Soc Sec Death Index; WA Death Records. *Note: Family trees on indicate that her parents were Nellie Helene [Dorko] and Nicholas Shingler, and the Border Crossing document substantiates that "Nick" Shingler was her father)]
Jacobus, Leonard Charles 12-03-1911
Gravestone   Gravestone 2   Leonard Charles Jacobus was born on December 3, 1911 in Yakima County, WA to Malinda E. [Gilhousen] and John Holder Jacobus.   He married Helen [Shingler] on September 21, 1933 in Whatcom County, WA.   Leonard passed away on May 23, 1979 in Goldendale at the age of 67. He is buried in Plot: Block G Lot 8.00 Space 1.
[Researcher Sources: (WA Death Index; Soc Sec Death Index; WA Births 1883-1935; 1920, 1930 & 1940 US Censuses; WA Marriage Records 1865-2004)]
Jacobus, Orville Eugene 1934
Orville Eugene Jacobus was born in Washington in 1934 to Helen [Shingler] and Leonard Jacobus.   He married Bonnie M. Brock on June 4, 1954 in Goldendale, Klickitat County.   Orville died at the age of 20 on February 19, 1955 in Goldendale. He is buried in Plot: Block A Lot 3 Sp 4.
[Researcher Sources: WA State Digital Archives (Death Records); (1940 US Census)]
Jacobus, Ruth J 06-24-1915
Ruth [Hutchins-Hoagland] Jacobus was born in Hudson, Wisconsin on June 24, 1915 to Effie [Downing] and Homer Hutchins.   She was married to Victor Hoagland on September 3, 1932 in Klickitat County. Victor died in 1957.   The widowed Ruth subsequently married Loren S. Jacobus on July 5, 1958 in Klickitat, Klickitat, WA (Skamania County License).   Ruth died on January 29, 1984 in Wasco, Oregon. She is buried in Plot: Block E Lot 8.00 Space 4.
[Researcher Sources: WA State Digital Archives (Marriage Records for both marriages); (Oregon Death Records; Soc Sec Death Records; 1920, 1930 & 1940 US Census)]
Jacroux, Alfred Leon 03-03-1911
Jacroux, Azalea 1896-1974 Gravestone   / S/2 Lot 6 nee Byars
Jacroux, Ethel Mary 1876-1959 Spouse: Gustav  
Jacroux, Eugene J. 1871-1959 Obituary (link by Jeffrey Elmer)   Plot: Block 042 Lot 6 
Jacroux, Eugenie Mar 1852
Eugenie Jacroux was born in March 1852 in France. Her father's name was I. Haustete. (According to the 1900 US Census), She married Francois F. Jacroux about 1870, and then the Jacroux family emigrated to the United States in 1885. Eugenie died on December 18, 1927 in Washington at the age of 75.   Plot: Block 042 Lot 6
Jacroux, Freeda A. 08-25-1902
nee Van de Vanter
Jacroux, Gustav A. 1872-1943 Spouse: Ethel Mary  
Jacroux, Mabel 1886-1989  
Jacroux, Walter 1877-1931  
Jaekel, Albert O. 1886-1975  
Jaekel, Gertrude 1920-1967  
Jaekel, James W. 1920-1990  
Jaggers, Arlo 03-20-1919
Obit link   Parents: Pearl Caroline [Morrison] and Joseph Roscoe Jaggers.   Spouse #1 (1940): Mary Jane [Weaver].   Spouse #2 Sharon [Lehto].   Enlisted in the Army July 1944   Section V Lot 5 Space 3 (buried with Mary Jane)
Jaggers, James Orland 10-17-1946
Parents: Mary Jane [Weaver] and Arlo Jaggers.   Spouse: Susan Marie.   James served in the US Marine Corps in Vietnam, and was awarded the   Purple Heart.   Space 167 Row E-167 Legion Married
Jaggers, Mary Jane 04-26-1921
Parents: Elizabeth [Emery] and Fred Weaver.   Spouse: Arlo Jaggers.   Section V Lot 5 Space 3
James, Alvin Ivan 1917
Alvin Ivan James was born in 1947 in WA to Edna [Parmenter] and Ivan James. Baby Alvin died at one year of age on March 2, 1949 in Klickitat County. He is buried on 1st Street Lot 8.
[Researcher Sources: WA State Digital Archives (Death Records)]
James, Henry G. 1921-1979 Welfare
Jarrett, Vera Marie 1925-1966 Gravestone   Obituary (See Column 6)   Vera Marie [Clement] Jarrett was born on July 30, 1925 in Plainville, Kansas to Millie [Flemming] and Don Clements. She married Alvin D. Jarrett on July 5, 1953 in Husum, Klickitat County, WA. (Skamania County Certificate). Vera passed away on November 15, 1966 in Goldendale. Survivors included her son Darrel Dudley and her daughter Verna Jarrett. Vera is buried in Plot: Block N Lot 4.00 Space 1.
[Researcher Sources: Obituary; WA Marriage Records; WA Death Records; 1930 US Census. *Note: Because Vera's son's name was Darrel Dudley, and because her marriage to Alvin Jarrett was under the name of Dudley, it is possible that the following marriage on October 22, 1949 in White Salmon was this Vera. This link is provided for further research, and not a verified fact. A Vera Clements married Ervin Dudley on October 22, 1949 in White Salmon, WA.]
Jayne, Joseph McAfee 03-24-1901
Spouse: Juanita Theople [Imrie].   Sgt 22 Bomb GP AAF WWII. Legion
Jayne, Juanita Theople "Nita" Imrie 05-20-1908
100th Birthday Link   Obituary   Nita Jayne Day (PDF).   Parents: Arvilla Jane [Beeks] and William Albert Imrie. Spouse: Joseph M Jayne
Jenkins, Elizabeth 02-14-1805
Parents: Mildred [Parker] and Theopolis Parmenter.   Spouse: Willis Jenkins.   Welfare   Very early Klickitat County Pioneer
Jenkins, Thomas 08-12-1838
Jenkins empties the Saloon (link)   Click this link for some great stories about Thomas Jenkins and early life in Klickitat County. (Search on that page for "Thomas Jenkins")   Parents: Elizabeth [Parmenter] and Willis Jenkins.   Block 044 Lot 4  
Jensen, Bridgette 03-01-1989 Block 105 Lot 3.00 Babyland A-8 New Babyland
Jensen, Gerald R. 1952-1985 Welfare
Jensen, Helen Louise 1913-2009 Gravestone 1   Gravestone 2   Gravestone 3   Obituary   nee: Brondt / Spouse: Malcolm [Pete]
Jensen, Mary Luella (Lula) 1879
Mary Luella was born in 1879 to Letitia [Brown] and Seth Parks. Lula (as she preferred to be called) married Mikkel Jensen in approximately 1902. Mikkel died in 1950 in Goldendale. Lula passed away on March 30, 1953.   [Researcher Note: Mary Luella's parents are also buried in this cemetery.]
Jensen, Mikkel 02-23-1878
Note   Mikkel Jensen was born on February 23, 1878 in Denmark to Louise and Ole Jensen. He immigrated to the United States about 1881. Mikkel married Mary Luella [Parks] in approximately 1902. On his WWI Draft Registration, Mikkel listed his occupation as a self-employed "Machinist." He passed away on February 16, 1950 in Goldendale. Mikkel's wife, Mary Luella (also known as "Lula"), died on March 30, 1953 in Goldendale.
Jensen, Paul Henry 1910
Paul Henry Jensen was born in Washingotn in 1910 to Maude [Crowell] and Emanuel B. Jensen.   In the 1940 census, Paul was living in Mountain View, Whatcom, WA with his wife Viola (age 23) and his son Robert (age 6).   Paul died on September 10, 1953 in Goldendale. He is buried in Plot: Block B Lot 4.00 Space 2.
[Researcher Sources: WA State Digital Archives (Death Records); 1920, 1930 & 1940 US Censuses)]
Jensen, Malcolm "Pete" 1909-2006 Gravestone 1   Gravestone 2   Gravestone 3   / aka "Pete" / Spouse: Helen
Jobe, Emma Lee [Richardson-Groves] 09-16-1903
(Please see Emma Lee Groves in this cemetery)
Jobe, Leslie B 07-30-1905
Jobe, Norma L. 1907--1975  
John, Raymond H. 05-03-1918
Gravestone   (Died in Centerville, Wa).   Block I, Lot 10.00, Space 3
Johnson, Alice Magdaline [Coffield] Mar 1875
Services for Mrs. John Johnson (column 3)   Alice Magdaline [Coffield] Johnson was born in March 1875 in Colorado to Rose [Koenig] and James Coffield. The Coffield family moved to Klickitat County sometime before the 1885 State & Territorial Census. At some point, she married a Mr. Dietzman, who she later divorced. She married John Johnson on September 13, 1932. Alice passed away on September 15, 1948 in North Bonneville, Skamania County, WA. She is buried on 10th Street Lot 2.
Johnson, Amy N. 1886-1921 Dates per Laura Thompson
Johnson, Carrie    
Johnson, Clara H. 1862-1930  
Johnson, Dale C. 1928-1981 S/2 Lot 2
Johnson, Dolly M. 1910-1986  
Johnson, Earline 1929-1929 Infant
Johnson, Emma Edith 01-20-1904
Emma Edith [Berglund] Johnson was born January 21, 1904 in Seattle, WA Gemima [Moi] and Nels Berglund.   She was married on October 1, 1927 to Hugo Johnson in Goldendale.   Emma passed away on October 12, 1987 in Hood River, Oregon. She is buried in Plot: Block 099, Lot 3.   Her husband Hugo G. Johnson and her parents Gemima and Nels Berglund are also buried in this cemetery.   [Researcher Sources: WA State Digital Archives (Marriage Records); (Oregon Death Index; Soc Sec Index; 1910, 1920, 1930 & 1940 US Censuses; WA Births -- Cites the 21st as her birthdate)]
Johnson, Frederick 1880-1957  
Johnson, George G. 1893-1977  
Johnson, Harrison Allen 06-04-1888
Sentinel Archive Obit   Harrison Allen Johnson was born on June 4, 1888 in Valparaiso, Nebraska to Catherine and Charles Johnson. The Johnson family settled in Bickleton in 1902.   In 1938 Harrison married Mrs. Marie [Smith] Dressel on October 31, 1938 in King County.   On November 10, 1965 Harrison died of a heart attack at home in Goldendale.
[Researcher Sources: Obituary & Marie's obituary]
Johnson, Hugo G. 1902-1978 Spouse: Emma Edith [Berglund]   N/2 Lot 3
Johnson, James A. 1896-1979 Jim
Johnson, James P. 1866-1952  
Johnson, Jeffrey L. 1950-1978  
Johnson, John F. 1880-1957  
Johnson, Lizzie 1882-1895  
Johnson, Marie E. 04-07-1895
Marie [Smith] Dressel-Johnson was born in Leavenworth, Kansas on April 7, 1895 to Julia [Bishop] and Fred Smith. She married John William Dressel on March 19, 1912 in Missoula, Montana. She later married Harrison A. Johnson in King County, WA on October 31, 1938. Two of her sons were killed in a plane crash on the way home for a furlough from the US Army in 1946. Marie passed away on June 2, 1984 in Goldendale.
[Researcher Sources: WA State Digital Archives (Marriage Records to Harrison Johnson); (Montana County Marriages; 1920, 1930 & 1940 US Censuses; WA Death Index; Soc Sec Death Index) *Note: Her sons Vincent and George Dressel and her daughter Louise Dressel Nickerson are buried in this cemetery. Her sons Joe L and Jack Joseph are buried in Holy Trinity Cemetery.]
Johnson, Mary Iva. 1924-1959  
Johnson, Odelia M. 1910-1986 Dolly
Johnson, Oscart T. 1886-1955 S/2 Lot 21
Johnson, Paul W 1902-1997 Spouse: Frances C
Johnson, Robert 1907-1993 Bob
Johnson, Theresa L. 1890-1967  
Johnson, Vernon J. 1890-1950  
Johnson, William Allen 06-26-1932
William Allen Johnson was born in Yolo County, California on June 26, 1932 to Violeta M. [Robison] and Roy S. Johnson.   He served in the US Army from October 23, 1952 until October 15, 1954, earning the National Defense Service Medal.   William died on October 21, 1954 in Goldendale. (Legion)
[Researcher Sources: WA State Digital Archives (Death Records); U.S., Headstone Applications for Military Veterans, 1925-1963; California Birth Index)]
Johnston, Georgie A. 1893-1977  
Johnston, Harold O. 1918-1969  
Jones, Albert    
Jones, Alice I. 1896-1978  
Jones, Anna C. 1895-1946 S/2 Lot 6
Jones, Carrie L 06-15-1871
Sentinel Archive Obit   Carrie L. [Harris] Jones was born on June 15, 1871 in Missouri to Mary and John Harris. The Jones family settled in Klickitat while she was still a small child. In 1890 she married Charles T. Jones, and they made their home in Oregon. Carrie passed away on April 24, 1958 in Portland at St. Vincent Hospital.
Jones, Duane 1893-1986  
Jones, Esther P. 1895-1983 Ally btwn Lots 1& 4
Jones, Frank C. 1892-1966  
Jones, George 1874-1947  
Jones, George    
Jones, Harold 1921-1955 Legion
Jones, Isaiah D 07-13-1824
Plot: Block 006, Lot 4  
Jones, Mary Catherine Mar 1875
Mary Catherine [Radcliff] Jones was born in March 1875 to Mary [McBee] and William Radcliffe. She married Walter Jackson Jones on February 14, 1895 in Klickitat County.. Mary passed away on February 13, 1943 in Portland, Multnomah, Oregon. She was buried in Plot: Block 077, Lot 5.
[Researcher Sources: WA State Digital Records (WA Marriage Records); (1880, 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930 & 1940 US Censuses; 1892 WA State & Territorial Censuses; WA Marriage Records; Oregon Death Index)]
Jones, Mrs. R.   Mrs. Radcliff
Jones, Stanton H. 1831-1907 "One of the first" little company of dauntless white men to penetrate the wild Klickitat country  
Jones, Terry A. 1951-1975  
Jones, Walter Jackson May 1861
Obit Link   Walter Jackson Jones was born May 1861 in Ohio. He married Mary Catherine [Radcliff] on February 14, 1895 in Klickitat County. Walter died May 8, 1944 at home in Portland, Oregon. He was laid to rest in this cemetery in Plot: Block 066, Lot 4.
[Researcher Sources: Obituary; WA State Digital Records (WA Marriage Records); (1900, 1910, 1920, 1930 & 1940 US Censuses)]
Jordan, Paul Lester 1894-1975 Gravestone by C. Blandine   / Ashes Son of J and M Story
Jordan, Tony Duane 1970-1970 New Babyland
Judd, Norton Curtis (Jr) 04-19-1904
Block T, Lot 4.00, Space 1
Jussila, Albert Binford 10-22-1885
Albert Binford Jussila was born October 22, 1885 in Centerville (Washington Territory) to Sophia A. [Thompson] and John Eric Jussila. On February 22, 1917 Albert was united in marriage with Martha Mabel Henrikson in Multnomah County, Oregon. Martha died in 1931. Albert passed away Marcn 9, 1961. Martha & Albert are buried in Plot: Block 046, Lot 6.
[Researcher Sources: Oregon Marriage Index; (1900, 1930, 1940 US Censuses; 1889 WA State & Territorial Census; WWI Draft Registration)]
Jussila, August 10-18-1887
August Jussila was born on October 18, 1887 to Sophia Alexandria [Thompson] and John Eric Jussila in Centerville (Washington Territory). In censuses, he lists himself at various times in his life as a chauffeur, auto mechanic, farmer and tractor driver. August passed away on April 17, 1957 in Goldendale. Plot: Block 025, Lot 6 WA State Digital Archives (Death Records; 1887 & 1889 WA State & Territorial Census); 1900, 1930, 1940 US Censuses; WWI & WWII Draft Registrations);  
Jussila, Garda A. 1879-1943 Garda Jussila was born in 1879 to Sophia A [Thompson] and John Eric Jussila. She passed away July 13, 1943 in Portland, Oregon. She is buried in Plot: Block 025, Lot 6.
[Researcher Sources: (1920 US Censuses; Oregon Death Index). Researcher Question: Was Garda the wife of John Erick Kockner?]
Jussila, John Eric 04-14-1848
The death of John Eric Jussila (column 4)   Sentinel Archive Obit Link   John Eric Jussila was born in Finland April 14, 1848 to Katherine and Jacob Jussila. He immigrated to the United States 1874 and married his wife Sophia [Thompson] in Calumet, Michigan September 9, 1876. The Jussila family moved west soon afterwards, settling in the Klickitat Valley where they became the largest wheat producers in the Klickitat Valley for many years. The family had twelve children with nine living children when John passed away on July 13, 1928 in Centerville at the age of 80. Sophia died in 1930. They are buried in Plot: Block 069, Lot 2
[Researcher Sources: John & Sophia's obituaries; Findagrave Memorial; WA State Digital Archives (Death Records); (Washington Deaths; 1900, 1920 US Censuses; 1889 WA State & Territorial Census); Chapman Funeral Records; Death Certificates of Finns in Klickitat County;   Centerville Settled by Finnish]
Jussila, Julius E. 1891
Julius Jussila was born in 1891 (January?) to Sophia A. [Thompson] and John Eric Jussila. Julius passed away August 18, 1891.
Jussila, Laura Bergette Aug 1896
Laura Bergette Jussila was born in August 1896 to Sophia A. [Thompson] and John Eric Jussila. Laura passed away October 3, 1949 at the age of 53 in Goldendale.
[Researcher Sources: (1900, 1920 1930, 1940 US Censuses; WA State Digital Archives (Death Records)]
Jussila, Martha Mabel 07-26-1896
Martha Mabel [Henrikson] Jussila was born July 26, 1896 in Oregon. She married Albert Binford Jussila in Multnomah County, Oregon on February 22, 1917. Martha passed away August 27, 1931 in The Dalles, Oregon. Albert died in 1961. Martha & Albert are buried in Plot: Block 046, Lot 6.
[Researcher Sources: Oregon Death Index; Findagrave Memorial; (1930 US Census)]
Jussila, Sophia Alexandria 12-11-1857
Obit Link   Sophia Alexandria [Thompson] Jussila was born December 11, 1857 in Norway to Susanna [Ollila] and Thomas Thompson. She immigrated to the United States. Sophia married John Eric Jussila on September 9, 1876 in Calumet, Michigan. John died in July 1928. Sophia passed away July 31, 1930 in Centerville at the age of 72. Nine of their twelve children suvived their parents. Sophia and John are buried in Plot: Block 069, Lot 2.
[Researcher Sources: John and Sophia's obituaries; Findagrave Memorial; WA State Digital Archives (Death Records); (Washington Deaths; 1900, 1920 US Censuses; 1889 WA State & Territorial Census); Chapman Funeral Records]
Just, Christian A. 1845
Christian A. Just was born in 1845. His mother's maiden name was "Sorenson". Christian died on October 27, 1913 near Goldendale. Plot: Block 049, Lot 3
[Researcher Sources: Chapman Funeral Records; WA State Digital Archives (Death Records)]
Jutzi, Carl Barnhard 01-21-1866
Obituary   Gravestone   Known as "Uncle Charley"   Father: George W. Jutzi   Spouse (1895): Laura Annie [Wade]   Block A, Lot 6.00, Space 5