Note: Jean Constance Twohig

(The following is information that I have gathered in the effort to identify the wife of Thomas Twohig, Jean Constance. Neither the Twohig nor the Goff families are relations of mine, and conclusions are based on speculation, and therefore, to be used merely to spur further research to confirm or rule out these suppositions. Ellen Rowley)

Tracking Jean Twohig's history is somewhat difficult. I could find no local references other than her grave and references to that grave. However, I did find an Oregon Marriage Record of Jean Constance Goff who married Thomas Twohig in Deschutes County, Oregon on June 12, 1946.

The Soc Sec Death Index gives a date of birth for Jean Constance Twohig of June 20, 1895, and a death date of 1982. The Oregon Death Index gives a date of birth of June 20, 1895 and death of November 4, 1982 in Lane County, Oregon. Both of the dates on the Soc Sec Death Index and the Oregon Death Index are in keeping with the dates etched on Jean's gravestone: 1895 - 1982.

In trying to track, Jean through the years, I was able to find a Jean C. Goff in the 1910 census. She was cited as the step-daughter of Gustav W. Nelson. Jean's mother was listed as Jennie Nelson, a 49 year old woman born in Canada in 1861. Jennie had been married to Gustav for two years. Jennie's father was born in England, while her mother was born in Scotland. Jennie immigrated to the US in either 1889 or 1899.

In the 1920 Census, Jean C. Goff was a single, white female born in California abt 1897. She was living in Oakland, Alameda, California. She was cited as having no occupation. Both of her parents were born in Canada. Her roommate was her stepsister Ruth V. Nelson (who was also listed on the 1910 census).

On a record of Border Crossings from Canada to the U.S., Jean C. Goff sailed on the Duchess York from Liverpool, England, arriving in Quebec, Canada on September 24, 1937. Jean's birthdate was consistent with the dates found on the records of her death. The birthdate was again June 20, 1895, and she was listed as being born in San Bernadino, California.

In the 1940 Census, Jean Constance Goff was a single, white female, born in California abt 1896. She was living in Charlotte, Mecklenburg, North Carolina. She was working for the government as a social worker for the US Nat Bureau, and was a lodger. She had attended 5 years of college. It also cited that in 1935, she was living in Merced, Merced, California.

[Note: Again, it is possible that I have confused the issue by putting Jean Constance Goff with the Jean Constance Twohig in the Goldendale Cemetery; however, the similarities are striking and deserve further study. If someone runs across this note, and can further elucidate the connection (or disconnection), we would be appreciative if you would inform us.]

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