The following notes are my attempt to put together a brief family history of the Stout family. It is a bit confused and convoluted. There are more Stout individuals in this cemetery, and they may or may not be related. However, the ones listed here do interconnect within this family. I do my best to list them here and make sense out of their relationships; however, I would be glad to have someone verify or correct the following suppositions.

The Johnson Augustus Stout Family

Johnson Augustus Stout
Obit Link   According to the obituary for Johnson Augustus Stout, he was born on February 28, 1836 in Adrian, Michigan. He married in 1862 and had five children. He served in the Civil War in Company K, 9th Minnesota Volunteers. Following the Civil War, he moved to Oregon and then to Klickitat County in 1871. Johnson served as both Klickitat County Auditor and then Commissioner. He married again in 1895 to Sarah Stout. Johnson passed away on September 17, 1922. His wife Sarah and his daughter Elsie (from his first marriage) survived him.

Wife #1: Allecia G. Stout
I did NOT find an obituary for Allecia G. Stout; however, this is the information that I did locate: Allecia G. Stout was born in 1845 in Maine. She was the wife of Johnson A. Stout. Allecia passed away on April 8, 1883 and is also buried in the Goldendale Cemetery. In the 1880 census, A.G. Stout is cited as the wife of J.A. Stout, along with their daughter E. E. Stout, son Irving G. and daughter Grace. Numerous estate publications for the heirs of Allecia G. Stout and her husband Johnson A. Stout were published, especially in 1925.

Three of their five children were included in the 1880 census:
Elsie Stout (born July 9, 1862 in Minnesota and died February 4, 1929 in Goldendale) Irving G. Stout (born about 1874 in Washington Territory and died before father’s death in 1922) Grace Stout (born about 1876 in Washington Territory and died before father’s death in 1922)

Elsie Stout
Obit Link   Elsie Stout was the daughter of J.A. Stout. She was born in on July 9, 1862 in Minnesota. Elsie died at the age of 66 in Goldendale on February 4, 1929. However, I cannot find a record of Elsie’s death either in Oregon or Washington in spite of the fact that the Goldendale Sentinel obituary cites that she died “in this city.” The Chapman Funeral Home records, however, do verify that Elsie was born on July 9, 1862, and that she died on February 4th, 1929 in Goldendale. It cites her middle name as Estell (contrary to the “A” initial for a middle name in the obituary).

Wife #2: Sarah (Morrill) Stout
Obit Link   According to her obituary Sarah J. Morrill was born on February 1, 1844 at Morgan, Vermont to *Beda [Turner] and John K. Morrill. She married Johnson Augustus Stout in 1865. They had one daughter, Fannie May, who died at the age of 15 on August 16, 1900. Sarah died on February 13, 1928 at the age of 84. (*WA State Death Records cites mother’s name as Beda Turner.)

Fannie May Stout
Death Records   Fannie May Stout was born about 1885 to Sarah J. Morrell (Morrill) and J.A. (Johnson) Stout. She died August 16, 1900 at the age of 15 at Blockhouse of septic peritonitis. Fannie’s death is noted in her mother’s obituary.

It appears that there were possibly two Johnson Augustus Stouts if the obituary for Sarah is correct. OR, there was an error in the obituary, and her first husband had a different name. Sarah’s first husband died in 1892 in Puyallup, WA. They had one daughter, Fannie May (born about 1885.) After Sarah’s first husband died, she married Johnson Augustus Stout in 1895 in Goldendale. The marriage certificate does give the surname for Sarah as “Stout,” with her 2nd marriage in 1895 -- giving credence to the possibility that there were two Johnson Stouts

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