(Note: The following is an attempt to clarify the name of Winthrop B. Presby's mother. He was an important citizen of our county, and it is my goal to give as clear information as possible. We would appreciate any clarification Ellen Rowley)

Winthrop Bartlett Presby
Mary Elizabeth Chellis -- his mother?

It appears strongly that Mary Elizabeth Chellis was the mother of Winthrop. Mason Presby married Mary C Chellis in January 1843 in Goshen, Sullivan, New Hampshire. It is my belief that it was wrongly interpreted as a "C" instead of an "E".

In Pine Grove Cemetery, Mary Elizabeth Presby (1821-1902) is buried with her son, James Mason Presby (who was Mason B. Presby's brother).

The New Hampshire Death and Burial Records list her death on April 6, 1902 and cite her name as Elizabeth M. Presby with her mother, Nancy Bartlett and her father William Chellis, and spouse, Mason B Presby.