(Note: I have tried to track down this family; however, the complexity of relationships escapes me. I would be grateful of any clarification1 Ellen Rowley)

Sarah Martha Barnhart and her son Myron E. Leon

Sarah Martha Barnhart was born in New York on June 2, 1849. Her father's name was Jacob Barnhart. (He originated from Connecticut.) The death record states that Sarah's mother's name was "Pratt;" however, on one of her marriage certificates, it listed her mother's name as Sarah Martin. At one point, Sarah evidently married a Mr. Leon, because she had a son named Myron E. Leon

1892 WA State and Territorial Census, Sarah M. Leon (age 42) and Leon Myron (age 20) were living in Walla Walla, WA.

1908 - Sara M. [Barnhart] Barbee (Barber?) married Allen Haworth on August 15, 1908 in Sunnyside, Yakima County. This was a 4th marriage for Sarah and a 3rd marriage for Allen.

1910 census - Myron E. Leon was living in Mabton as a single man by himself.   (I could not find Sarah or her husband Allen Haworth in the 1910 census)

1918 - Allen Haworth died on March 25, 1918 in Mabton.

1920 census - The widowed 48 year old Sarah Haworth was living with her 48 year old single son in Mabton. Myron was a farm laborer.

1926 - Sarah Haworth died in Goldendale on January 7, 1926 at the age of 76.

1928 - On October 3, 1928, Myron E. Leon married Mary E. "Daumer" in Centerville, Klickitat County. [I believe this to be a transcription error, because in the October 4, 1928 Goldendale Sentinel (page 6), it spelled her name as Mary E. Danna.] - Mrs. Mary E. Danna was a sister of Mrs. Charles Dudley. Mrs. Danna's daughter, Mrs. W. H. Hawley of Kolin, Montana was present. See Link to Sentinel (column 2)

1930 census - Myron E. Leon (born about 1870 in NY) and his wife Mary E. Leon (born about 1854 in Ohio) were living in Jacksonville, Jackson, Oregon.

1935 - Mary Elizabeth [Muir] Leon died in Goldendale, WA on December 13, 1935. She was the daughter of ? Hoover and Joseph J. Muir. (WA Select Death Certificates; WA Deaths)

1936 - M.E. Leon died at the age of 74 in Goldendale on February 23, 1936. (WA State Digital Archives - Death Records)