(Note: The following is speculation ONLY and is not to be used as a definitive family of origin for Mildred. Ellen Rowley)

Mildred Kloker

Research into Mildred's maiden name has been difficult. However, there was a record on Ancestry.com that may yield interest for researchers:

In the West Virginia, Births Index, 1853-1969, a Mildred Sampson was born on December 25, 1906 at Keyser, Mineral, West Virginia to Jno W. Sampson and Nannie V. Sampson.

Of additional interest is the message posted on a Klickitat Message Board that states: "I went to the No. 6 school for two years, my first and second. I rode horse back three miles to get there. My brother went there horseback also for his first eight years, 1925 through 1932. His teachers were: Edna Anderson (Trumbo), Cora B. McEwen, Mildred Sampson (Kloker), Mary S. Thompson, Beatrice Larson." [*See Note Below)

It must be clarified that this may NOT be the correct Mildred born on December 25, 1906 in West Virginia, but it may possibly provide a possible clue as to her maiden name and parents. It is entirely SPECULATIVE and provided in the hopes to further research into Mildred's family of origin.

* (Note: Punctuation added to quotation for clarification purposes.) See link for original quotation.]