Note: Sophia [Andrews] Haley

(The following is information that I have gathered in the effort to identify the wife of Leonard Haley, Sophia Andrews. Neither the Andrews or the Haleys are my family, and conclusions are based on speculation, and therefore, to be used merely to spur further research to confirm or rule out these suppositions. Ellen Rowley)

Tracking Sophia [Andrews] Haley's history is somewhat difficult. A biography of the man I think is her brother, Edwin Milton Andrews shows that his father was Emery B. Andrews and his mother was Louisa Hortense [Adamsson] Andrews. Emery Andrews and his wife L. Hortense apparently parted ways because she brought her son out near her parents in Klickitat County about 1878, the year Sophia was born, and since Sophia was born in Nov 1878 in Washington, if she is indeed from this family, it can be thought that she was likely born in Klickitat County.

The 1880 census lists Louisa H. Andrews with her two children, Edwin and Sophia living in Klickitat County.   Louisa Hortense Andrews died in 1885, and her parents appear to both have died before 1890.

Sophia (a single woman) was listed in the 1900 census in Klickitat County working as a servant in the home of Charles and Lucille Timblin.

Sophia was a witness at the marriage of Edwin M. Andrews with his wife Carrie L. Montgomery in October 1900. The signature of Edwin's sister Sophia on his marriage certificate is in keeping with the signature of Sophia on her marriage certificate 3 years later.

Sophia's mother was born in Sweden. Louisa Hortense Andrews was born in Sweden. Sophia is cited in the 1940 US Census, living in Klickitat County; however, this researcher has been unable to locate documents verifying whether she remarried; when or where she died and/or is buried.

Resources: Edwin Milton Andrews Biography
WA State Digital Archives: Marriage Certificate of Edwin Andrews to Carrie Montgomery
WA State Digital Archives: Marriage Certificate of Sarah A. Andrews to L.D. Haley 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930, 1940 US Censuses