Louise Julia Ganguin

(The following is information that I have gathered in the effort to identify the correct maiden surname of Louise Julia Ganguin. I have no relationship to any of the members of this family. My conclusions are based on speculation, and therefore, to be used merely to spur further research to confirm or rule out these suppositions. Ellen Rowley)

In trying to ferret out Louise Ganguin's maiden name, I have felt in a quandry. The name on her marriage certificate is signed by her very clearly as "Ruttiger." The name of her father on her Death Records is "Ritchie." The maiden name on her children's Birth Records appears to be both "Ruttiger" or "Willard" -- with "Willard" utilized more frequently. The end result is that I do not know the maiden surname of Louise Ganguin.

If you can further clarify the relationships in this family, we would be glad of the information.


Louise & John's Marriage Certificate - (Ruttiger)
Louise's Death Record - (Ritchie)
Daughter Elsie's Birth Records - 1901 (Willard)
Son James' Birth Records - 1903 (Willard)
Daughter Marie's Birth Records - 1904 (Ruttiger) [This record is transcribed "Marge" instead of "Marie"]
Son John Chester's Death Record - (Willard)