[Researcher Note: In attempting to locate and substantiate the family relationships, I have put the following information together, but I do not guarantee with certainty that the information is entirely accurate. Many of the resources that I have utilized are starred and cited below.]

Evart Leroy Davidson

Evart Leroy Davidson was born in 1902 in Missouri. Evart married Mary E. Jackson on August 20, 1924 (*1)

The Davidson family had three children (*3 and *4)

Bertha Berthenia (1925-1940), b. May 26, 1925 - died in Oregon on Jan 3, 1940 (*5)
Mary Lorraine [married Bill M. McKune on March 16 1947 (*6) in Klickitat County]
Gwendolyn M (married Glenn R. Brehm on December 14, 1955 (*7) in Klickitat County)
Evart passed away in Portland, Oregon on September 20, 1947 (*7). His widow Mary would later marry Orville Lee Hamilton. Mary Passed away at the age of 85 and is also buried in this cemetery.

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