(Note: I am in a quandry as far as researching "this" William O. Clary. This is presented as information that will hopefully yield clarification Ellen Rowley)

William O. Clary

There is a W.O. Clary gravestone at the Goldendale IOOF Mountain View Cemetery. It lists this person as born October 31, 1894 and having died on January 4, 1919. I cannot find a Washington State Death Record.

The Chapman Funeral Records lists a William O. Clary that has no birth/death date listed, but lists a place of death as Fort Lawton, Oklahoma.

There is a listing at the Maryhill Stonehenge Monument for William O. Clary; however, it lists a date of birth as October 10, 1884, but the same death date of January 4, 1919.

There exists a WWI Draft Registration Card with the name of William Clary, with a birthdate of October 31, 1895.

My expectation is that these are all the same William O. Clary, but with some error in the dates of birth.