Holy Trinity Catholic Cemetery
Names from N to Z

Name Birth Death Memo Block/Lot
Nugent, Mary A 1861 1933   B1-L16
Olson, Helen 07-04-1903 01-14-1992   B4-L13
Peters, John P 1857 1937 (1856?) B4-L17
Porter, Infant girl 05-22-1942 05-22-1942 "Tiny Infant Dies"   Baby girl Porter was born to Mary Rose [Sutch] and Delbert Archie Porter. She died on May 22, 1942 in Goldendale at the age of 7 hours.
[Researcher Sources: Goldendale Sentinel; WA Death Records. **NOTE: Baby girl died seven hours after her birth. Although we listed her date of birth as May 22, 1942, it is possible that she was born late on the 21st of May.]
Prince, Robert Lee   07-15-1982 infant B1-L7
Rauscher, Andrew M 1867 1921   B3-L26
Rauscher, Andrew W 1895 03-30-1975   B3-L26
Rauscher, Anna Mary 08-14-1897 12-22-1918 Miss Anna Rauscher (see col 5)     B3-L26
Rauscher, Carrie M 1877 1955   B3-L26
Rauscher, Jos R 01-11-1900 10-09-1947   B3-L26
Rayner, Elmer C 1902 1955   B1-L26
Reason, Hugh Everett 07-14-1902 02-21-1978 husband of Kathryn B3-L14
Reason, Kathryn Marie 12-28-1922 01-17-1978 wife of Hugh B3-L14
Ribail, Anna Stewart 1948 1968   B2-L12
Rowland, Amanda   1979 (Gross family) infant B4-L24
Ryan, Daniel 1884 March 1887 Death & Burial   Daniel Ryan was the first child to be buried in the Holy Trinity Catholic Cemetery. He was born in 1884 and passed away in March 1887 at the age of 3 years 2 mo 21 days B2-L8
Ryan, Edward 1897 10-21-1910   B2-L8
Ryan, Ellen T 1859 03-17-1918 Obituary   (Sweeney) B2-L8
Ryan, John Francis     age 5 mo 14 day   B2-L8
Ryan, Joseph Thomas 07-24-1887 06-10-1928 The remains of Joe Ryan (column 4)   Father: Patrick Ryan. Died in California   B2-L8
Ryan, Patrick 1842 12-28-1904   B2-L8
Sanders, Ellen   10-25-1892 Photo   age 70 B3-L23
Sanders, Joseph   08-29-1900 Photo    Photo2   age 78 B3-L23
Sarsfield, Agnes H 1900 1966   B4-L17
Sarsfield, Baby   02-01-1923   B4-L16
Sarsfield, William Patrick 1925 06-09-1997   B4-L17
Sarsfield, Wm A 1898 1954   B4-L17
Saunders, John I 10-21-1904 11-17-1968 WA, S1, USCG Res WWII B3-L8
Saunders, Lily 01-01-1912 12-24-1994   B3-L8
Scott, Dorothy 1914 01-01-1990   B3-L9
Scott, Joseph 1898 1964   B3-L9
Scott, Roscoe 1922 01-31-1991   B3-L9
Scott, Wayne L 1946 1971   B3-L9
Sheridan, Grace 1911 03-16-1994   B1-L2
Sheridan, John James 1907 02-24-1979   B1-L2
Stanger, Elmer 1894 08-03-1982   B1-L7
Stegeman, Henry Theo 1898 1900   B3-L11
Stegeman, John W 1898 1900   B3-L11
Stegeman, Mary Anne 1837 1894   B3-L11
Stegeman, Mary Anne 1894 1895   B3-L11
Stegeman, Sarah 01-19-1874 01-13-1919  (Tobin) B3-L11
Stegeman, Theodore 1840 1914   B3-L11
Stegeman, Wm 1865 1923   B3-L11
Stegman, Annie Sophia [Gelhaus] 11-22-1858 03-21-1949 Pioneer Celebrates 90th Birthday (column 4)   Illustrated History of Klickitat County (Search under 'Dietrich H. Stegman')   Annie Sophia [Gelhaus] Stegman was born in Mt. Savage, Maryland to Mary and Benedict Gelhaus. Annie lived with her family in Riverside, Iowa (where her father was director of a bank) from about the age of 14 until 20, when she moved to live with her uncle. She married Dietrich Henry Stegman on January 1, 1882 in Wasco County, Oregon, and shortly thereafter, moving to Klickitat County with her new husband, settling onto a wheat farm. The Stegmans had five children and enjoyed a successful farming endeavour in the Centerville area. Dietrich died at the age of 92 on October 23, 1945 in Klickitat County. Annie passed away of pneumonia on March 21, 1949 at the age of 91 in Yakima, Yakima, WA.   [Researcher Sources: Western States Marriage Index; WA State Digital Archives; Ancestry.com (Sentinel Obituary found on family tree; 1880 (The Dalles), 1910, 1920, 1930 & 1940 US Censuses)] B4-L21
Stegman, Chas D 11-18-1882 06-14-1899   B4-L21
Stegman, Dietrich Henry 07-02-1853 10-26-1945 Illustrated History of Klickitat County (Search under 'Dietrich H. Stegman')   Funeral Rites Held Tuesday for D.H. Stegman (column 7)   Obituary: Dietrich Henry Stegman (column 6)   On July 4, 1853, Dietrich Henry Stegman was born near Bremen, Germany to Meta [Buschman] and Dietrich Stegman. He immigrated to the United States, arriving at the age of 16 in New York. He soon migrated west to Oroville, California and then Portland, Oregon, and then in 1878 to The Dalles, Oregon. Dietrich married Annie [Gelhaus] on January 1, 1882 in Wasco County, Oregon. The newly married couple settled into Klickitat County on a wheat farm. The Stegmans had five children and enjoyed a successful farming endeavour in the Centerville area. Dietrich died at the age of 92 on October 23, 1945 in Klickitat County. [Researcher Note: Some records can be found under "Henry Dietrich Stegman"] B4-L21
Stegman, Henry D 1889 1962   B4-L27
Stegman, Mabel P 1911 1996 Mae B4-L16
Steiffer, Berlie 1910 11-28-1988   B1-L12
Stewart, Anna     see Ribail, Anna  
Stewart, Catherine Cahill 1916 1968   B2-L12
Stewart, Clara   1905 02-06-1988 B2-L7
Sullivan, James D 1872 1956   B3-L7
Suran, Mary Alice   1923 infant B2-L17
Swan, Andrew F 1890 1965   B3-L13
Swan, Mary M 1888 1956   B3-L13
Tate, Cecil B 1906 1927   B4-L12
Tate, Edw   05-27-1911 age 2 yr 6 mo B4-L12
Tate, Margaret 1881 1961 wife B4-L12
Tate, Reverdy L 1875 1944   B4-L12
Thaden, Mary L 1886 1978   B1-L11
Tobin, Bessie M 1885 1944   B3-L12
Tobin, Charles R E   02-24-1897 child of J J & M A - age 3 mo B4-L6
Tobin, Daniel     child of J J & M A B4-L6
Tobin, Grace     child of J J & M A B4-L6
Tobin, Henrietta 10-20-1838 03-05-1925 Photo    Photo2   Funeral Services of Mrs. Henrietta Tobin   Obituary   b. in Ireland. Nee: Hill. wife of John   B3-L12
Tobin, Hilda     child of J J & M A B4-L6
Tobin, John 11-28-1831 09-19-1917 b. in Ireland B3-L12
Tobin, John Joseph 1831 1917   B4-L6
Tobin, Marguerite, Eliz   11-20-1901 child of J J & M A - age 1 yr 2 mo 19 day B4-L6
Tobin, Mary   02-29-1892 child of J J & M A - age 10 days B4-L6
Tobin, Mary Ann     Mother B4-L6
Tobin, Michael J   1932 infant B3-L12
Tobin, Thomas 1884 1951   B3-L12
Trudeau, Arthur P   04-12-1987   B1-L12
Tucker, Barbara 1929 1974   B3-L15
Tucker, Barbara T 1929 1974   B3-L15
Tucker, Leo F 1903 1980   B3-L14
Twohig, Alice [Colleary] 10-23-1874 05-19-1942 Obituary   Alice [Colleary] Twohig was born October 23, 1874 to Helen M. [Carr] and James P Colleary in San Mateo, California. The Colleary family homesteaded in Pleasant Valley in 1879. She married Thomas Twohig in 1897 in The Dalles, Oregon. Alice passed away on May 19, 1942 at the age of 67 in Goldendale.
[Researcher Sources: Obituary; Helen Twohig's Obituary; 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930 & 1940 US Censuses; 1885, 1887 & 1889 WA State & Territorial Censuses; WA Death Records]
Twohig, Helen     infant dau of TJ & AA (on JP Colleary stone) B3-L6
Twohig, Thomas 1868   IOOF Cemetery B3-L6
Uptmor, Frank 1894 1969 Obit Link   B3-L13
Uptmor, Willa M 1897 1968    
Van Loo, Clovy K 1904 1995   B2-L12
Van Woert, Cathleen   1939 infant B2-L12
Walker, Margaret A 03-23-1920 04-29-1998   B1-L37
Ward, Belinda 1855 1973 mother B3-L17
Ward, Charles D 1896 1936   B3-L18
Ward, James 1892 1933   B3-L18
Ward, Joe C 1887 1930   B3-L17
Ward, M J 1888 1947   B3-L18
Ward, Mary Anne 1861 1906 his wife B3-L18
Ward, Michael F 1883 1973   B3-L17
Ward, Nicholas 1854 1917   B3-L18
Ward, Timothy 1850 1932 father B3-L17
Wilber, Gertrude 05-27-1918 01-31-1996   B1-L31
Wilde, Patricia 10-05-1932 12-06-1981 mother of Tricia B1-L2
Wilde, Tricia Ann   d. Mar 4-5, 1968 dau of Jim & Pat B1-L21
Willis, Elizabeth M 05-13-1875 08-10-1930 Obituary (Column 5)   The death of Mrs. Elizabeth M. Willis (Column 3)   The McKanna Family: Pioneers of the Northwest   Elizabeth McKanna Willis was born May 13, 1875 to Katherine [Rooney] and Michael McKanna in Grove Lake, Minnesota. The McKanna family moved to Alaska when Elizabeth was 11. She married Robert John Willis in Alaska on November 7, 1903. Their children included Robert John II, Katherine Margaret and James Emmett. 17 year old son James Emmett drowned in the Columbia River on July 6, 1930. Elizabeth passed away at the age of 55 in Goldendale on August 10, 1930 after being ill for many months.
[Research Resources: Ancestry.com (WA Death Records; 1900, 1910, 1920 & 1930 US Censuses); Oregon Death Index]
Willis, James Emmett 12-03-1912 07-06-1930 James Willis Looses Life in Columbia (Column 7)   Card of Thanks (Column 4)   James Emmett Willis was born in Goldendale on December 3, 1912 to Elizabeth McKanna and Robert J. Willis. He graduated from High School in 1930. A tragedy unfolded on July 6, 1930 in Wasco County, Oregon when James and two other companions dove off the ferry about 300 yards from shore near Maryhill; however, due to the current and the waves, James was drowned. He died at the age of 17.
[Research Resources: Ancestry.com (WA Births; 1920 & 1930 US Censuses); Oregon Death Index]
Willis, Robert John 11-06-1862 02-16-1935 R.J. Willis Succumbs to Brief Illness   Tribute to: Robert John Willis   Parents: Margaret [Caldwell] and John Willis   Spouse #1 (1885): May Lewis   Spouse #2 (1903): Elizabeth McKanna.   Served as mayor of Goldendale. B4-L26
Willis, Sheryl Delbert 08-25-1915 06-15-1974   B4-L7
Wilson, Francis W 1918 1970   B3-L10
Wirtzfield, William   05-19-1995   B1-L17
Young, E J     infant B3-L12
Zacha, George F   03-01-1963    
Zelinski, infant   11-23-1920   B1-L6
Zielinsla, Sylvester 1915 1920   B1-L6