Directions to Crawford Cemetery: From the stop sign on Highway 14, where it intersects with Highway 97, travel west for 16.9 miles on Hwy 14.
Turn right onto the Dalles Mountain Road. This is a gravel road from this point. Go 3.5 miles.

Park your car just to the right of the beginning of this road
The Columbia Hills Historical State Park begins on the left.

Just beyond the edge of the road where you want to park is a pioneer wagon.
If you drive past the wagon, you have gone too far.

Most of this area is surrounded by barbed wire, but if you go in this route, there is no barbed wire.
Enter through the brush/trees just to the right of the 15 mph speed limit sign.
Early farming equipment is roped off for display purposes with small signs of description for each.
The cemetery (seen in the center in this photo) has a wooden fence erected around it. You cannot drive to it, but it is an easy walk of 50-75 yards.

(When you are driving, if you pass some barns, you have gone too far. The park does continue that direction, but it is NOT where the cemetery is located.)