Jefferson County Directory - 1887

Source: R.L. Polk & Co.'s Puget Sound Directory, 1887

This county is the only one extending from the inland waters of the Sound to the Pacific ocean. Its area is about 1500 square miles. Population—1880, ?725; 1885, 2645; 1887 (estimated), 3500. Taxable wealth—1880 $569,128; 1886, $945,674. Port Townsend, the county seat, is beautifully located upon one of the finest bays of Puget Sound. It is a steadily growing town, with bright prospects for the future. It is the port of entry for the customs district of Paget Sound; the U. S. Marine Hospital is located there; a one-company military post, and the headquarters of the revenue cutter and lighthouse interests. In Jefferson county are three large sawmills; Port Ludlow, Port Hadlock and Port Discovery, cutting 80,000,000 feet of lumber per annum. The Irondale Iron Works are also in the county, with an output of 4000 tons pig iron a year. The Chimacum and Quilleute valleys are among the most fertile in the country, but their production is yet limited to the supply of the home demand.


County Auditor—C. A. Dyer, Port Townsend; County Sheriff and Assessor—John F. Sheehan, Port Townsend; County Treasurer—Wm. Dodd, Port Townsend; Probate Judge— W. H. Whittlesey, Port Townsend; Coroner—Josiah S Wyokoff, Port Townsend.

Surname First Name Occupation (as given) f = Freeholder;
l = lives?
Worth Town
Almada Anton   l $50 Port Townsend
Anderson Daniel D.   f $600 Leland
Anderson James   f $520 Irondale
Anderson John   f $420 Irondale
Anderson Peter   f $400 Irondale
Baker Henry   f $300 Brennon
Barrows Manuel   l $70 Port Townsend
Barlett jr John   f $1900 Port Townsend
Beatty Henry W   f $75 Quilcene
Beck Julius   f $185 Quilcene
Belyea Jesse E Propr (proprietor) Hadlock House and Dealer in Coal and Wood.      
Bengston John   f $100 Irondale
Bengston S.   f $100 Irondale
Berry Thomas H Saloon (with Frank D. Berry)   $300 Port Townsend
Berry Frank D Saloon (with Thomas H. Berry)   $300 Port Townsend
Bishop sr William   f $8337 Chimacum
Bishop jr William   f $1440 Chimacum
Blake C A Harness maker     Chimacum
Blanchard H L Lawyer   $150 Irondale
Borger Thomas G   f $784 Port Discovery
Bowers Frank Painter   $250 Port Discovery
Brandt Hans   f $120 Quilcene
Brennon E P   f $920 Brennon
Briggs Isabel     $1925 Port Townsend
Brinnon E P   f $940 Brennon
Broderson John   f $145 Chimacum
Brown Charles E   f $195 Chimacum
Brown E M   f $200 Quilcene
Brown J V Sutler USA (merchant who sold goods to military in field)   $700 Port Townsend
Bryer John   f $540 Chimacum
Calhoun Mary P     $450 Port Townsend
Calhoun S A     $550 Port Townsend
Chapkin Judge   f $20 Port Discovery
Chapkin Thomas   f $60 Port Discovery
Chapman Jacob A   f $320 Chimacum
Clark James   f $50 Chimacum
Clawson Charles P   f $330 Chimacum
Clawson Peter   f $240 Chimacum
Clements John   f $1650 Brennon
Clements Samuel   f $120 Brennon
Cline M   f $250 Chimacum
Clinger C L     $50 Port Townsend
Clinger F W     $30 Port Townsend
Clinger I L     $100 Port Townsend
Clinger L B     $50 Port Townsend
Cognalem Captain   f $20 Port Discovery
Cognalem William   f $20 Port Discovery
Connor James W Merchant   $900 Port Townsend
Connor Lucy     $50 Port Townsend
Cottel S H   f $1832 Quilcene
Dagnan Thomas   f $1137 Quilcene
Davids William Painter   $100 Chimacum
Donovan James Co Com f $1280 Quilcene
Drummond Annie     $800 Port Townsend
Dundan Edward   f $100 Chimacum
Dundan Richard   f $700 Chimacum
Dunlavy Frank   f $950 Chimacum
Dyer J B Hotel   $2123 Irondale
Eldridge William   f $4245 Chimacum
Elwell Tamlin   f $60 Chimacum
Finn Emma     $100 Port Townsend
Fisher William   f $300 Port Townsend
Fitzpatrick A. (Listed with R. C. Kerr)   $40 Port Townsend
Kerr R C (Listed with A. Fitzpatrick)   $40 Port Townsend
Fortman N J U Surveyor   $480 Port Townsend
Gale L L L & Co?   $3000 Port Townsend
Gilbert Mrs. S H     $1600 Port Townsend
Glanvill John   f   Chimacum
Goodhue Joseph   f $50 Leland
Grady Kate     $430 Chimacum
Hadlock Samuel Proprietor of town site, real estate dealer     Hadlock
Hallin Charles   f $120 Quilcene
Hamilton M F General store   $820 Quilcene
Hardon James   f $1345 Quilcene
Hems Francis H Saloon   $675 Port Townsend
Henry George   f $250 Quilcene
Hinds A M Merchant   $900 Port Townsend
Hoff L P   f $1139 Chimacum
Hoffman J G Saloon   $150 Port Townsend
Holmes B F   f $200 Chimacum
Huntingford John   f $625 Chimacum
Jackson H F   f $800 Chimacum
Jackson Jacob   f $100 Leland
Johnson A   f $120 Chimacum
Johnson Gustav   f $60 Chimacum
Keene William   f $150 Leland
Kendricks Roderick Supt (superintendant) Washington Mill Co     Hadlock
Kirkpatrick N L   f $105 Quilcene
Lemaister John   f $800 Port Townsend
Lindquist John   f $100 Chimacum
Lingenfelter Delia   f $285 Quilcene
Lung W S   f $100 Port Townsend
McArdle J H Justice of peace   $192 Quilcene
McArdle Lucien D Teacher   $242 Quilcene
McArdle Lucien D Teacher   $242 Quilcene
McConaghy John F Curry Samuel? fs? $430 Chimacum
McDermott James   f $80 Chimacum
McInnes & Winters   Contractors   $50 Port Townsend
McLaughlin D   f $150 Quilcene
Macomber Julius   f $530 Brennon
Mann William     $875 Port Townsend
Mast Julius   f $235 Chimacum
Matson Andrew   f $360 Quilcene
Merickle Andrew J   f $860 Brennon
Miller W F   f $60 Quilcene
Mills Henrietta E Teacher   $210 Port Discovery
Moll August   f $557 Port Discovery
Montgomery Jonathan   f $470 Chimacum
Montgomery R J   f $470 Chimacum
Montgomery William     $620 Chimacum
Morino Martin Lab (laborer)   $200 Port Townsend
Morris Jackson   f $300 Chimacum
Morrison C H D   f $480 Chimacum
Morrison C M   f $480 Chimacum
Nelson Christian   f $150 Chimacum
Nichols E   f $390
Paulson P   f $100 Chimacum
Person O F   f $125 Brennon
Peterson Oloff   f $1285 Chimacum
Pierce Thomas   f $2530 Brennon
Powers John M     $6585 Protection Island
Price W H   f $585 Port Discovery
Puget Sound Iron Company       $45200 Irondale
Puget Sound Stone Co         Chimacum
Pugh? Cassie G     $1150 Port Discovery
Pugh & Hunt   Pugh & Hunt   $10 Port Townsend
Rex J A   f $770 Chimacum
Richards W D   f $100 Chimacum
Richardson W M     $470 Quilcene
Riley Hannah     $770 Port Townsend
Robinson R S   f $4200 Chimacum
Rogers Charles   f $270 Quilcene
Ronan D Lab (laborer)   $250 Port Townsend
Ryan Robert E Supt (superintendent) of schools   $1040 Leland
Sohmeig M   f   Port Townsend
Shade J F   f $3?5 Leland
Shull D B   f $1057 Chimacum
Solwold O   f $300 Chimacum
Strand Edward   f $8055 Chimacum
Such John   f $690 Quilcene
Swanson Gustaf   f $850 Chimacum
Swendson A J Carp (carpenter)   $350 Port Townsend
Synolds Ernest   f $300 Chimacum
Tabor O D   f $250 Brennon
Taylor H A Capt. (captain)   $375 Port Townsend
Thomas Daniel   f $300 Chimacum
Thornton Sarah A     $550 Port Townsend
Tucky Linnie E     $200 Port Discovery
Van Trojen John   f $925 Chimacum
Vicerick Lucas Boatman $100 Port Townsend
Virginia Silas   f $405 Chimacum
Walker Archibald   f $950 Quilcene
Washington Mill Co S F Adams & Co props, Roderick Kendricks supt.     Hadlock
Wellington Duke   f $60 Port Discovery
Western Mill & Lumber Co       $11600 Hadlock
White George     $60 Port Discovery
White Thomas F   f $200 Brennon
Whitney E     $320 Brennon
Williams Charles     $700 Chimacum
Williams Christopher Capt. (captain)   $820 Port Townsend
Williamson John   f $970 Chimacum
Wilson Emanuel   f $775 Chimacum
Woodley John H   f $1760 Chimacum
Wright F B   f $350 Chimacum
Wright William   f $756 Chimacum
Zent Charlotte     $1270 Port Townsend