The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 09/16/1891

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before and after image of man with corrected cross eyes

Subject of the above cut is Mr. Clifford, who was cured of cross eyes in 30 seconds by Dr. Darrin of this city, who is an expert operator on straightening cross eyes, and can straighten the worst eyes in less than 30 seconds. He will guarantee any case he undertakes. No cure, no pay. The operation is rendered almost painless by a local anesthetic and no chloroform nor ether used. Patients can return home the same day, with no detention from business or occupation. The following are only a few names selected from a list of hundreds who have been successfully treated by Dr. Darrin, and speaks volumes for his professional skill:


Miss Eula Gregg, Seattle, Wash.
Miss Dillie Quental, Tacoma, Wash.
Miss Fannie Kennedy, Walla Walla, Wash.
Mr. E. Ahlf, 160 North Fourteenth Street, Portland, Ore.
Miss Mary Walter, 361 Twelfth street, Portland, Ore., both eyes crossed.
Miss Sophia Glick, 111 Market street, Portland, Ore., crosseyed since birth.
Andrew Anderson, Port Townsend, Wash., crosseyed from paralysis of the outer muscles over the eye; cured by one operation.
Miss Lena Hamilton, Dayton, Wash., very bad case, cured.
Mr. Clifford, Portland, Ore., both eyes crossed.
Mrs. John Hartman, 310 South Twenty-fifth street, Tacoma, Wash.
Mrs. M. Rebe's son, 143 Water street, Portland, Ore.
Miss Lucy Moran, Monmouth, Ore.


Drs. Darrin make a specialty of all diseases of the Eye, Ear, Nose, and Throat, and all nervous, chronic and private diseases, such as Loss of Manhood, Blood Taints, Syphilis, Gleet, Gonorrhea, Stricture, Spermatorrhea, Seminal Weakness or loss of desire of sexual power in man or woman. All peculiar Female Troubles, Displacement, etc., are confidentially and successfully treated, and will under no circumstances take a case that they cannot cure or benefit. Consultation free. Charges reasonable. Cures of private diseases guaranteed and never published in the papers. Most cases can receive home treatment after a visit to the doctor's office. Inquiries answered and circulars sent free.

Drs. Darrin have their offices at "The Normandy," corner Third and James streets, Seattle, Wash., and also in Portland, Ore., corner Fourth and Washington streets, where they are permanently located.

Office hours: 10 to 5 daily; evenings, 7 to 8; Sundays, 10 to 12.