The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 07-09-1891

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An Incompetent Prosecuting Attorney.

James Wood, the murderer of Mrs. Moss, was brought up from Angeles today by Sheriff Gould, of Clallam county. He was taken up on the Olympian to Walla Walla, where he will undergo fifteen years' imprisonment. Wood was very reticent, but appeared glad to get such a light sentence for his crime.

Sheriff Gould, in speaking of the trial, said: "The whole fault lay with the prosecuting attorney, G. V. Smith, who conducted the case in a very poor way. The jury stood six for acquittal and six for murder in the second degree. It was seen that no conviction could be brought and to save the county the expense of hiring an outside counsel, the commissioners consulted with both counsel and it was agreed that Wood should pleasd guilty of manslaughter. Feeling against the murderer ran high at Angeles on Saturday and arrangements were made to lynch him. I got warning of the intention of the people about 10 o'clock at night. I got Wood out of the jail and to a place of safety where he could not be found. The boys were pretty angry at the way things were going, and I was glad to get the fellow out of town."


Madame Nuckols, the female doctor who prescribed the drug that killed Mrs. Blowes, was examined before Justice Rhodes and held to answer, with bail fixed at $5,000. As she could not get bail, the doctress went to jail.--Port Townsend Call.