The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 04/11/1891

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Four Desperate Prisoners in Port Townsend Jail Attempt to Escape.

Port Townsend, April 10.--[Special.]--Four prisoners confined in the steel cage at the county jail made an unsuccessful attempt to escape last night. The men are: Coella, the slayer of John Delits; John Wood, the assassin of Mrs. Moss; and Finnegan and Seffern, the burglars. The plan was frustrated by Pat Hutton, guard, who heard them at work a little before 7 o'clock. He heard the disturbance in the room in which the cage is located, and quietly went to the door with a gun in hand. As he opened the room door the inner door of the cage fell with a crash, and Seffern, the post office burglar, fell down with it. Seeing that the outside door of the cage wall all right, Hutton ordered the prisoners into their bunks.

Sheriff Delanty and Jailer Furlong were sent for, and the four prisoners were ironed and placed in other cells, and an examination was made of the cage. It was found that the iron table attached to the cage by hinges was broken off and had been used to pry the inside door clear out of its sockets. It was the intention of the prisoners to use the door to wrench off the outside door or break it down. Possibly ten minutes work would have freed the outfit.