The Washington Standard, 11/03/1916

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Northwest Pioneer Succumbed to Paralysis Last Tuesday.

Funeral services were held in Port Townsend Thursday, Rev. N. M. Temple, of this city, officiating, for Allen Weir, 62 years old, one of the best known of the pioneers of Olympia and the Northwest, who died in Port Townsend Tuesday evening after a lingering illness following an auto accident in that city last August.

Mr. Weir was at one time United States commissioner, was the first secretary of state after statehood, and had played a leading part in the previous territorial legislatures and the constitutional convention. Until a year ago he had enjoyed good health and was active in political and civic affairs in this city. A year ago he suffered a stroke of paralysis from which he partially recovered, but August 17 he was injured in an automobile accident at Port Townsend, in which State Senator D. S. Troy was killed. The injury sustained in this accident hastened his death.