The Yakima Herald, 03-22-1911

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Man Supposed to be Tom Smitz Kills Himself at Port Ludlow--May Live Here

The police of North Yakima know nothing of the mysterious suicide of a man named Tom Smitz at Port Ludlow. A note book found on the body of the man contains several entries made in North Yakima and it was supposed he might be known here. A dispatch from Port Ludlow states that a description had been telegraphed to the police here, but they have not received it.

March 10 a well dressed man, bearing no outward indications of being a laborer, arrived at Port Ludlow and applied for work. He registered at the hotel as Tom Smitz of Port Blakely and claimed to be a tallyman by trade. Not receiving immediate employment, he went to drinking, and was discovered in his room Saturday with a bullet in his brain. Prior to killing himself the man had removed all identification marks from his clothing and effects. Cornor [sic coroner] Delgarno is investigating.