The San Juan Islander, 06/18/1909

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Capt. M. M. Morrison, Manager of the Washington Stevedore Company at Port Townsend was in Friday Harbor on business during the early part of the week.

Miss Helen Harper, daughter of Collector of Customs F. C. Harper, of Port Townsend, was married Tuesday afternoon at the Presbyterian church at Port Townsend to Rex Smith, of Seattle. Both the church and the house were beautifully decorated with rhododendrons which grow in profusion in Jefferson county. Mr. and Mrs. Smith will make their home in Seattle.

Representative E. A. Sims, of Port Townsend, has been the guest of Captain George J. Willey for a few days.

The Pilot, a cannery boat from Port Townsend, came in on Monday evening bringing Captain Morrison and E. A. Sims on business.

--FOR SALE--One 4,000 gallon redwood tank, delivered at wharf. Price $25.00. Address Geo. A. Sturrock, Port Townsend, Washington.


A genuine closing-out sale. Sturrock & Co. are going out of the piano business and they are closing out their stock of pianos and sewing machines at very low prices. Pianos that have been rented to be sold as low as $100, $125 and $150. New ones at correspondingly low prices. New White sewing machines from $25 to $45. Terms given and correspondence solicited.

Port Townsend, Washington.