The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 11/25/1897

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Loses Both Wife and Child.

PORT TOWNSEND, NOV. 24.--Two days after Lieut. A. H. De Otte, of the revenue cutter service, returned with the cutter Corwin from Bering sea last season his wife died and was buried here. Yesterday he arrived from San Diego, Cal., where the Corwin is quartered for winter, and had the body of his wife exhumed to take to their former home at New Bedford, Mass., for final interment. This morning he received a telegram from New Bedford announcing the sudden death yesterday of his only child, a girl 5 years old.

Unable to Land the Horses.

PORT TOWNSEND, Nov. 24.--A private letter from one of the officers of the tug Pioneer, which towed the bark Colorado, with 300 horses to Pyramid Harbor four weeks ago, states that the Colorado has been unable to discharge cargo. Several horses died.