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Each Family History Center has a standard set of genealogical material. It also accumulates material which reflects the interests and needs of its patrons. The information below is specifically for the Family History Center at the LDS Church located in Chimacum, WA. The data below is current as of mid-September 1998.

An copy of the original handout from which this page was taken is available at the FHC.

  Accelerated Index System (AIS)
(on fiche)
  These files will help you if you have a surname, possibly a state and little or no other information on a family. The information in this file was extracted from early tax records and the census records. This index gives surname, given name, state, county, township, page and year of the census/tax record. [You need to follow this up by looking at the original census or tax records for any individual you locate in these files.]

The AIS is divided into 8 files as follows:
  Early Colonial and US records: 1600-1819
  United States: 1820-1829
  United States: 1830-1839
  United States: 1840-1849
  Southern States: 1850-1860
  New England and Northern States: 1850-1860
  Midwestern and Western States: 1850-1906
  United States: 1850-1906

  Ancestral File
(on 7 CDROMs)
  A computer file of 7 million names linked into families and pedigrees. Ancestral File displays information by individual, family group record, pedigree chart, or descendants chart. As part of the Family Search system, Ancestral File also includes help keys and the ability to print your discoveries on paper or to copy data to your own floppy disk. The file is updated periodically. The Ancestral File is a user file. It depends on thsoe who use the file for its information. As a result, it contains errors and discrepancies; everyone who uses it has the opportuity and responsibility to improve its accuracy. You can send a correction on a disk and it will be included in the next edition of the file. Names and addresses are available for those who submitted their family information.

Accessible by:
  Similar surname
  Exact surname
  Ancestral File Number

  Book and Video Shelf   The Family History Center has some reference books and videos available for your use, including: Everton's Handy Book, Library, Redbook, Federal Census Indexes (1900, 1910 and 1920), Atlas and Index of Parish Registers -- England, Source, Compendium, Dollarhide's Map Guide, New Atlas of Ireland, Soundex Guide, and others. Videos are also available, including 10 on How to Research. All videos must be viewed at the FHC; call for an appointment for video set-up.  
  Family History Library Catalog
(on fiche)
(on 1 CDROM)
  The Family History Library catalog lists and describes the records, books, microfilm and fiche in the Family History Library. It does not contain the actual records, only descriptions of them. The records come from throughout the world and include census records, birth records, family histories, church registers, and many other record types.
  Subject Indian Nations, Heraldry, etc.
  Surname Family books on a surname.
  Locality Each country has an alphabetical listing by state, county and town or city, with a listing of records available under each heading. [This is where you will find census, military, immigration/ship passenger lists, etc.]
  Author/Title Books are cross-indexed.
  Family Registry -- March 1993 issue
(on fiche)
  Ancestor's name, date of birth, marriage and/or death with locations, if known, with spouse and parent's names were submitted for this index. Name and address of each submitter is in the right column so you could contact that person for more information on that family. [Many of these submissions were done many years ago, and addresses may not be current.]  
  1910 Federal Census -- The Unsoundexed States
(on fiche)
  The states listed below were not soundexed (indexed) is the booklet issued by the US government. This listing can help you select which film to look at in searching for your ancestors. The book is arranged by state, cities, towns and villages on 15 April 1910. The cities are divided into enumeration districts.Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Conncticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Oregon, Puerto Rice, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Utah, Vermont, Washington, Wisconsin, Wyoming and The Military Posts and Naval Vessels.  
  International Genealogical Index (IGI)
(on fiche)
(on 45 CDROMs with addendum updating file to 1997)
  The International Genealogical Index is a worldwide index of more than 147 million names of deceased persons. It does not contain records of living persons. Most of the names in the Index come from vital records from the early 1500s to 1875. Other names come from forms submitted by members of the LDS church. Names are not limited to church members or their ancestors. Individuals listed in the index are not joined in family groups or pedigrees. The Index is is alphabetized and listed by location. All similar names, including various spellings, are listed together. You can use this index to:
  Identify possible family connections to extend your pedigree.
  Find birth, christening and marriage information.
  Find the name of an ancestor's spouse or parents.
  Periodical Source Index (PERSI)
(on fiche)
  This is a listing of articles that have been written and published in genealogy newsletters, quarterlies, bulletins, etc. The Allen County Library in Fort Wayne, Indiana complied this data. Thes listing is by state, county, town, surname, subject. You can obtain a copy of the article by writing to the Allen County Library or to the organization who published the article. There are two sets of PERSIs published: 1847-1895 and 1886-1990.  
  Patron's Fiche   When you order fiche from the Family History Library catalog you pay $0.15 for each fiche requested. These fiche become a permanent part of the FHC library. The fiche are filed by surname, country and state in alphabetical order.  
  Reference Source List
(on fiche)
  This list describes approximately 250 reference sources frequently used by Family History Library patrons. The collection is two sets of fiche for Family History Centers in the US and Canada. This list is arranged by country: Canadian provinces are listed after Canada categories and states are listed after US categories. The headings give locality, then record type.  
  Research Outlines
(on rack beside bookcase)
  The library has helpful outlines on the different countries and each of the states of the US. There is a fee for each outline between $0.25 and $1.00. If you want one that is not on the shelf, ask; if it is available, they will order it for you.  
  Scotland -- Register of Births, Marriages, Deaths
(on fiche)
  Surname to Christening
  Given Names to Marriages
  Surnames to Marriages
  Scottish Church Records
(on 1 CDROM)
  This index lists names extracted from Scottish Church records. The great majority of the records are from old parochial registers of Scotland, and other churches of the Church of Scotland (Presbyterian). Records from other Scottish churches have been included when available. Most of the records are from the late 1500s to 1854, although some records are as late as 1900.  
  Social Security Death Index (SSDI)
(1962-1988 on 2 CDROMs)
  An index giving the names of deceased Social Security registrants. The surname shown is the one in the Social Security files at the time of death, which is not necessarily the surname used on the original application. The SSDI shows the Social Security number, date of death, place where application was made for a Social Security number, last legal place of residence (not necessarily the place of death), and place where death benefit was mailed.  
  United States Military Index
(on 1 CDROM)
  Men and women who died during the Korean or Vietnam War, 1950-1975.  

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Material taken from a handout prepared by L. E. Martin
using published Family History Library sources.

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