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Red Men Cemetery

This page reflects the current status of an ongoing effort to collect information on Jefferson County cemeteries. The data below may change as additional information is gathered.
Name Red Men Cemetery
also called Redmen's Cemetery, Red Men's Cemetery
Location Physical
Port Townsend
on Discovery Road, between 25th and 27th Streets
Latitude &
Lat 48° 07' 06" N
Long 122° 47' 01" W

From the Jefferson County Courthouse in Port Townsend, go 0.3 miles NNW on Walker Street to the intersection of 19th and Walker Streets. Turn left on 19th Street, go 0.3 miles to San Juan Avenue. Turn right on San Juan Avenue, go 0.3 miles to the intersection of San Juan Avenue and 24th Street. Turn left on 24th Street, go 0.2 miles to Discovery Road. Turn right on Discovery Road, go 0.1 miles. Redmen Cemetery is on your left.

Cemetery records  
Documentation Held by Jefferson County Genealogical Society
Title Redmen Cemetery
type & date
Index, 1985
Physical data size 2.02 acres
burial plots 650
Chronology established 1902
History Established 1902 by a local lodge of the Improved Order of Red Men (I.O.R.M), a popular fraternal organization of that era with roots extending back to the Revolutionary War.
For more information about the I.O.R.M. such as
Notes Maintained by local volunteers as a community service project. Interment services offered to those with family buried there or who cannot afford to be buried elsewhere. The Port Townsend Group was Chemakum Tribe No.1 It was the first tribe in Washington State and was instituted in1881. Thanks to David Lintz, Director Red Men Museum and Library for th above infomation.

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