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NAMESerial No.RankStatus
ALBINO, ALBERT A. 0-7433002 LTKilled in Action
ANDERSON, HARRY 39375067TEC4Died Non Battle
BAKER, VERLE J.6567726SSGKilled in Action
BANAKA, SAMUEL A.39212531PVTKilled in Action
BARRY, HOWARD C.39378190SGTDied Non Battle
BAYER, RALPH W.0-7198451LTFinding of Death
BENNETT, EDWARD E.39200732PVTDied of Wounds 
BERDINE, DENNIE F. 39480533PFCDied Non Battle
BOLINE, JEFFERSON L.0-4664722LTDied Non Battle
BRECHT, DONALD E.6578262SSGKilled in Action
BROMS, GUNNAR A.39185449PVTKilled in Action
BROWN, ROBERT A.39378181TEC5Died Non Battle 
BUCHMAN, VINCENT L.39213814PVTKilled in Action
BURLESON, WILLIAM T.39396685PVTDied Non Battle 
BUTORAC, FRANK J.39192476SGTKilled in Action
CARLSON, JOHN R.010138011LTKilled in Action
CARLSON, LEROY A.39478730PFCDied Non Battle
CARPENTER, DONALD F.19015552TSGKilled in Action
CASSELL, LORELL L. 39186098CPLDied Non Battle
CHAMP, ROBERT E. JR.020688332LTKilled in Action
CHEMERES, JOHN P.20948199PVTKilled in Action
CLARK, GEORGE E. 39378984TEC5Died Non Battle
COATS, ARTHUR G.39172175PVTKilled in Action
COOPER, EDWARD O. 39208508PFCDied Non Battle 
CORKETT, EDWARD B. 39211193PFC Killed in Action
CULVER, CLIFFORD I. 39377197 SGT Killed in Action
DIGGS, FRED T.39378195SSGKilled in Action
DUFFY, DONALD J.39200724PFCDied of Wounds
ERICKSON, DELBERT39398244PFCKilled in Action
ERICKSON, STILSON L. 39377178CPLKilled in Action


SGTKilled in Action
FISHER, LEWIS B. 0-7822311LTKilled in Action
FLETCHER, CLIFFORD C.19016210PFCDied Non Battle
FOURNIER, JACK A. 19095372SSGFinding of Death
FRANCISCO, RAYMOND R.17091932SSGDied Non Battle
GASKELL, DANIEL C. 39209140PVTKilled in Action
GILES, WILLIAM R. 19187529PVTKilled in Action
GODFREY, MAYNARD E.39183480TEC5Died Non Battle
GOODMAN, GERALD A. 39199675SSGKilled in Action
GRAVES, JOHN H. 39192744CPLDied Non Battle
GUSTAFSON, WALFRED E. 39171479TEC4Killed in Action
GUSTAVSON, GUSTAV B. 39378197PFCDied Non Battle
HAGAR, ROBERT E. 6282022TEC5Died Non Battle
HALONEN, FLOYD W. 0-6926762LTDied Non Battle
HAMMOND, ROBERT L. 0-8859021LTDied Non Battle
HARRISON, WILLARD C. 012830541LTKilled in Action
HEGG, ROYCE M. C. 39479723PFCDied of Wounds 
HEIKKILA, ARNOLD E. 19145127SSGKilled in Action
HEIN, JOHN 39218213PFCKilled in Action
HENRY, SAMUEL C. 39204395PFCKilled in Action
HOFFER, GLENN J. 39172148PVTKilled in Action
HOFLIN, RUSSELL G. 39475016PVTKilled in Action
HORA, JOSEPH F.39213325PVTKilled in Action
HUMPHREY, CLYDE R. 39199709CPLDied Non Battle
JAMESON, CLIFFORD D. 0-6900992LTFinding of Death
JENNA, JOHN A. 19017267TSGFinding of Death
JOHNSON, BEAUFORD C. 20948100TSGKilled in Action
JOHNSON, HENRY L. 39377964SSGKilled in Action
JOHNSON, OSCAR C. 39171394PFCKilled in Action
JURASIN, FELIX39201900SSGKilled in Action
JURASIN, PHILLIP T. 39179973PVTKilled in Action
KALENIUS, STANLEY R. 39171392CPLDied Non Battle
KALINOWSKI, EDWARD39473992PVTKilled in Action
KEELER, MARCUS E. 19016409PFCKilled in Action
KERR, WALTER C. 011805701LTDied of Wounds
KESTERSON, ROBERT E. 0-7536782LTKilled in Action
KNOPF, CLARENCE39377207PVTDied of Wounds
KNUDSEN, LEAL P. 6566817SGTDied of Wounds
LA FOND, FRANCIS A. 39208510TEC5Killed in Action
LEVINSON, EDWARD N. 39183962SSGDied of Wounds
LOCKE, STANLEY N.39377201CPLDied of Wounds
LOSLI, WOODSON W. 0-7290321LTDied Non Battle
LUPO, JOE39375502CPLKilled in Action
MARRS, FRANK M. 6547679MSGDied Non Battle
MCDOUGALL, JAMES S.39200581PFCDied Non Battle
MCLELLAN, EDWIN L. 39215016PFCDied of Wounds
MONOSSO, RAY W. 39473997PVTKilled in Action
MULLINS, ROBERT E. 0-6898041LTKilled in Action
MURPHY, FRANK E. 39178767TSGDied Non Battle
MUSTARD, JAMES E. 39204392CPLDied Non Battle
MYHR, WILLIAM G. 39199705PVTKilled in Action
NEDELEC, JACK JR. 39375666PFCDied of Wounds
NIELSEN, THEODORE D. 0-7566651LTFinding of Death
OJA, ANDREW A. JR. 011024111LTKilled in Action
OLSEN, LARRY S. 39478941PVTKilled in Action
ORKNEY, DONALD R. T-126919FLODied Non Battle
ORT, WILLIAM H. 0-7673442LTFinding of Death
PEARSON, WILLIAM J. 39475310PFCDied of Wounds
PENDERGRAFT, JOHN D. 19022635SSGKilled in Action
PETERS, ERNEST E. 39200568SSGKilled in Action
PETERSON, DONALD E. 39375681PVTKilled in Action
PETERSON, GEORGE H. 39173204TSGFinding of Death
PHILBRICK, BYRON F. 39480581PFCKilled in Action
REED, GARDLAND J. 39190874SSGFinding of Death
RINGLE, FREDERIC C. 19114387SSGKilled in Action
ROSEN PER R. 0-917190CAPTKilled in Action
ROTTLE, GEORGE H. 39183947SSGKilled in Action
ROWE, ROLLAND R.39375654SGTKilled in Action
ROZMARYN, TED39377185SGTDied of Wounds
SCOTT, GLEN W. 19017227SGTKilled in Action
SCURE, WALTER P. 19112323PVTDied Non Battle
SHROY, CLYDE S. 39378426PFCDied Non Battle
SILVA, WALTER L. 0-8166682LTDied of Wounds
SIMMONS, NORMAN39389842PVTKilled in Action
SINCLAIR, RALPH 19154058PFCKilled in Action
SOUTHARD, FRANKLIN W. 39379380TEC4Died Non Battle
STEWARD, HARRY A. 6547632SSGFinding of Death
SUPERINA, BOB39201894PVTKilled in Action
TESREAU, JEFF A. 39214375PVTKilled in Action
TORI, JOHN A. 19016129PFCKilled in Action
TRASK, ANTON S.39171469PFCKilled in Action
TRASK, JOSEPH39178935PFCKilled in Action
TUCK, CLIFFORD J. 39213814PVTDied Non Battle
WATKINS, HARLEY M. 39378091PFCKilled in Action
WHITESEL, L. E. SR. 39171426PFCKilled in Action
WIDENER, ALFRED C. 39171498PFCKilled in Action
WILDER, FLOYD E. 39180903PVTKilled in Action
WILDER, VIRGIL D. 6567188PFCKilled in Action
WILSON, EINAR 6558002TSGKilled in Action
WILSON, PAUL W. 39388748SSGKilled in Action
WRENN, EARL W. 39172090CPLKilled in Action
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