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Am looking for family information on WARWICKS who lived in Aberdeen, Washington in the early 1900's. Noah David (b.1871 Mt. Pleasant, PA, d.1930 Los Angeles, CA) married on 3/28/01 a Nora Isabelle Yock (b.Feb. 1, 1883 Michigan, d.2/05/20 Yakima, WA). They had seven children: (ages taken from Yakima 1920 census) Ina M (17), Warren (16), Regina I. (13), Anna (aka Neva was 11), Ester (6), Martha A. (5), and Bud (2). If you have any information regarding any of these names, I would greatly appreciate it.

Margaret Washburn , 28 July 1999


I am looking for info on Porter Washington. A Grace Fredericka WATSON was born or lived there around 1897 . Her Father died while she was young and she took her Step Fathers Surname BEVER. This is all the info that I have.

Calvin Sereno Porter, 30 Sep 1999


I am looking for information on my great grandfather, Charles Andrew Werner, born Jan, 1869. He died approx. 1934 at Aberdeen, WA. He was born in New York state, lived in Oklahoma, where he married my geat grandmother, Sarah Scott, on the Chickasaw Indian Reservation, and had several children born there. He migrated eventually thru Arizona to Aberdeen, Washington. I can't find any Social Security Information on him. He worked at odd jobs, and in particular as a cook at logging camps in the area.

I only know that he had sisters named Amelia,(Emilia)? Kate, (Katherine?) and Louise and brothers John and William. The family immigrated from Europe just prior to his birth. He was the only child born in the US. My family was given the impression that he was of German descent. A picture of him and his siblings show very large boned, men and women and appear to be well to do by the clothes they were wearing. His family may have had some type of butcher shop or meat market in New York or New Jersey. I Could not get any information on his parents names, either.P>

Jeanne Mills, 30 21 Mar 2000


I am looking for information about Karl Frichoff Wetteland, Jr. Born May 17, 1919 in Aberdeen, Wa. Parents were Karl Frichoff Wetteland Sr and Mary (Baker) Wetteland.

Raymond Charles Wetteland, 28 July 1999


Does anyone know anything about the history of Abner Lycurgurs Willis of Montesano, about 1880?

Unknown>, 12 May 2000


Seeking complete birth and death dates on James A. and Chloe Baker Harris WILSON who lived and died in Oakville, Grays Harbor Co., WA. James was born in 1844 and he died in 1926. Chloe Priscilla Baker was the daughter of Henry A. and Eliza Ford Baker and she was born on Oct. 9, 1849 in Ohio. She married John Harris first and then, after the death of John in 1914, she married James A. Wilson.P>

Unknown, 1 Oct 2000


I am looking for information on Lars Willumsen, married to Cleopatra Hortense Achey. Lived in Grays Harbor Co.

Terria Willumsen Baynor, 10 Aug 1999

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