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I am looking for information on the family of Charles H. Tanner who died in Aberdeen on February 6, 1902. Charles was born in England in 1828, the son of John Tanner and Hannah Tanner. He married Nancy (Watson?) in Warwick Township, Lambton County, Ontario and had 3 sons, the eldest named Eugene. Have extensive information on the Tanner families and will gladly share. Michael Williams, 1643 Lafrance Drive, Orleans, Ontario, Canada, K1E 2L7 tel. 613-841-0043.

Michael Williams, 31 Oct. 1997


I am looking for information about the parents of Noah TAYLOR. Born about 1822 in Ohio. Married Ruth Ann White in Coles Co., IL, March 9, 1858. They moved to Fall River, Kansas about 1863 and to either Elma or Oakville, WA about 1880. Noah had a Ferry across a river near there to ferry both passengers and freight. I believe he is buried somewhere in the Oakville area. Ruth Ann White was not Noah's first wife and would like any information as to the name of his first wife.

Joan Murray, 16 Aug 1997


Seeking info on George W. Thomas, residing at Elma, Grays Harbor Co. in Census 1900. George, born 1863. Wife, S.Ella, born 1863. Children: James L., Bertha O., Charles M., Edwin G.

Thomas Dement, 27 Jan 2000


I am researching the family names of THOMPSON, MARION, WATERS, DAVIS, WINSLOW and BUNDY. Here are some details: One set of maternal great-grandparents, William George THOMPSON (b.1851-d.1943) and Louisa MARION (b.1862-d.1942), farmed in the Wynooche Valley and raised 11 children, including my maternal grandfather Joseph Morton (Joe) THOMPSON (b.1895-d.1976). The other Thompson children were: Pierce Gordon, Edward Marion, William (Billy) Burrus, Wilbur Charlton (Wib), Pearl Ellen (Sapp), Jenny May (Larson), Harriet Rose (Berens), Anne, Myrtle Echo (Maxwell), and Violet Wilma (Willis). My second set of maternal great-grandparents were Clarence E. WATERS (b.1861-d.1925) and Anna Ellen DAVIS (b. 1868-d.1963). Clarence was also a farmer in the Wynooche Valley. The WATERS children surviving to adulthood were Pansy Gertrude (Daneker), Myrtle Olive (Thompson) and Mary Alice (b.1898-d.1995). Grandma Alice married (1) Joe Thompson; (2) Lawrence Campbell; (3) Bill Caldwell. The predecessors of my WINSLOW and BUNDY grandparents were from Pennsylvania and Ohio respectively. My paternal grandparents were John Malvern (Jack) WINSLOW (b.1877-d.1948) and Elva (Genie) BUNDY (b.1868-d.1959). Jack was Game Warden for Grays Harbor County in the 20's and early 30's, then was a deputy sheriff. My paternal grandmother's parents were Thomas Clarkson BUNDY (b.1855-d.1922) and Rachel CREW (b.1859(?)-d.1922(?). They moved from Ohio to the Grays Harbor area some time before 1910. The BUNDY children surviving to adulthood were: Howard C., William J., Marian A. (Orr), Elva (my grandmother), and her twin sister, Melva (Cory). All of the above-named individuals lived in Grays Harbor for most of their lives and many are buried there (several at Wynooche Cemetery outside Montesano). I am the daughter of Malvern John WINSLOW and Mary Louise THOMPSON, who were both born and raised in the harbor area (my mother died in 1983). I would love to hear from any and all friends and/or relatives out there, and would be happy to share whatever family facts and stories I have accumulated about the individual of common interest or ancestry. The THOMPSONS were particularly prolific and I think many of their descendants remain in the Grays Harbor County area to this day. Please let's make contact.

Judy L. Alberts, 23 May 1997


I am looking for information on Vilas Boxley TOOLEY and his family. I believe his mother, Melissa Hayes Toole, (unless she remarried) may also have lived in WA. I found Vilas Boxley in the SS Death Index died November 1984, in Grays Harbor, WA. Vilas married Kate Newman.

Connie Young, 29 Mar 1997


Looking for information about the TRASK family in Grays Harbor. My Great Great grandfather, Lafayette L. Trask came to Chehalis City in about 1889 and lived there until about 1919.

Richard J. Riley, 22 Oct. 1998

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