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GANSER: I am looking for information about an uncle. Name: Joseph F. Ganser Address: 813 W, Market Street, Aberdeen WA Born: 09 July 1892, Augsburg Germany Died: 20 November 1933 Oakhurst Sanatorium, Elma, Grays Harbor Occupation: Longshoreman, Docks & Mills Wife: Minnie Time in USA: 20 years. The above data is from his death certificate. (Washington State Board of Health, Bureau of Vital Statistics, 1933, Record No. 133, Registered No. 41) He left his home after an argument with my grandfather before WWI and was not heard of until after his death, when a letter from his widow was received. The letter has been lost long ago. I am mainly interested to find out how and when he entered the USA (probably jumped ship) and about his wife (we know only her Christian name). But every bit of information is much appreciated.

Johann Ganser, 12 Jan 1999

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