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Looking for Cecil Baker of Aberdeen, WA. He married Rene PARKS and had two children: Bobbie and Nola BAKER. Cecil is the child of Carl Baker and Ruth Ellen BELTZ of Winfield Kansas. Will trade info.

Ron Beltz, 19 Mar 1999


I am looking for information on Rosa Palmer Baker. She was known to be living in Oakville from at least 1949-1966. She had a son named Lloyd. I need to know her husband's name and how many other children there was. PALMER Rosa's nephew Franklin Alvin Palmer was also in Oakville in 1966. Any information on either of these grays Harbor families would be greatly appreciated.

Betty Rhoads, 23 Apr 1999


Looking for a son born to Norma Baldwin in July, August, or September 1953 in Hoquim, WA.

Beverly Ryder, 22 Aug 1997


I would like to get an obit or military information on Samuel August BANAKA, whose mother (Anna Thomas BANAKA) was living in Grays Harbor County when he died in France 12 July 1944, while serving in the Army. Samuel was born 5 Aug. 1911 in Netawaka, Jackson, KS and once lived in Yuma Co. CO. His father was August Henry BANAKA. Samuel had two brothers Leslie (KIA 21 Feb 1945) and Kenneth L. BANAKA.

Stephen Chaplin, 4 Sep 1999


Willie, born around 1867 in Minn. Lived in Aberdeen in 1909. Hannah, John J., are his parents WESTOVER: Lucy born around 1865 in Minn. Willie's sister. Lived in Olmpia in 1909 Vera, Lucy's daughter. Born 1900. STANFORD family around 1909: (?) Alta, Emma (?), Edith(?) Any information regarding these family names around 1900 - 1915 would be of great help.

Tim Reed, 28 July 1999


I have a lot of Grays Harbor, WA genealogy since that is my home area. Ralph BAUMGARDNER, Harry M. HOLLINGWORTH, Eliza Slapp MOUNSEER,Alice Simons VALENTINE, James MOUNCER, Susan Helena SIMONS.

Bonnie Martin, 19 Aug 1998


Researching families of Samuel BENN b. 2 July 1832 in Ireland and his wife Martha REDMAN b. abt. 1846 in Iowa (daughter of Reuben REDMAN). They married 12 June 1861 in what is now Grays Harbor Co. Their son, Edmund Burke BENN b. 10 May 1873 in Aberdeen married Daisy MILES. I am also looking for information on her parents, Isaac Oscar MILES d. 11 Nov 1929 in Seattle and Catherine Elizabeth DORLAND d. 9 Oct 1926 in Seattle. Both resided in Aberdeen in the 1920 census.

Mary Ellen Palmer, 10 Oct. 1998


Am seeking ancestors and family of Alfred Bergeron and wife Louise LeMay both born in Canada. Louise LeMay born 1880 St Emelie, Lothbinere, Quebec. Married Menominee, Michigan in 1898. Last reported in Hoquiam in 1948.

Phyllis LeMay , 26 Feb 1998


I am trying to locate any information on the family of Reverend H. S. BLACK, wife Lillian Plimpton BLACK. Children Lillian, William, Robert, Leon, and Gladys BLACK. Reverend BLACK was pastor of the First Baptist Church in Elma, WA in the early 1900's. Would appreciate any information.

Leslie J. Hamby, 9 Oct 1999


I am looking for info on the decendents of MATTHEW CLARK BLAKE. He was born May 01,1853 in Danby/Melbourne Quebec. Son of George Thompson Blake and Ann Eliza Clark. I'm not sure when he moved to Aberdeen, but I have post cards, and photos. He married Martha Poe, Nov.22,1882, family notes do not say where. Thier children were; Leslie, Alfred, Agnes, Cora, Ernest, Minnie, and Jennie. I have no birth dates on these children, just a photo. One of the post cards is post marked April 28, 1908. The post card is of a Light House, Westport, Wash. and on the back Matthew states that this light is four miles from where he lives. Another missing BLAKE, is HENRY BLAKE, son of JAMES and SOPHIA GILPIN BLAKE. Henry is uncle to MATTHEW (above). Henry moved to Washington to be with his son, either Edward or Leighton BLAKE. Henry died March 1913. It appears from records I have obtained, that the BLAKE'S were Free Will Baptist's. I have info to share,and would be happy to.

Sharon Osgood, 2 Feb 1999


Michael T. b. Abt. 1887 in Kent County, Ontario, Canada father: BONN, Michael mother: BONNETT, Clarissa (Clarcy) Lived in Stanton, Michigan in July of 1899. Left Michigan and ended up in Grays Harbor. He was in Hoquaim as late as 1920. After that we lose track of him.

Bonnie Jackson, 5 Apr 1999


I am looking for information on my family. Minnie Elizabeth Braley was born in Aberdeen Wa., she married a man William Walter Vincent who was also born in Aberdeen. We believe they were also married there. The went on to have 3 daughters. Irene, Edith, Lauretta (Lauretta was her middle name, we think her name was Myrtl?). All three girls were born in Hoquiam Wa. All we have are their names. I was wondering if their are other geneologist's or researchers that do look up's in the Gray's Harbor area? Any information or direction in my search would be greatly treasured.

Debbie, 26 Nov 1997


Albert BREI/BREY was born Apr 1884 in Wisconsin (1900 Census, Saxeville Twp., Waushara Co., WI). His parents were Johann Carl Frederick Brei and Fredericke Marie Caroline Peters. Albert worked on a farm near Elma, Grays Harbor, Washington in 1908 (23 April 1908 letter with the return address: Alb Brey, Elma, Wash., R.F.D. co 1 Box 34). He had died in Washington by 1951. I'm looking for the date and place of his death, and information on the woman he married in Washington.

Bob Brittenham, 20 Aug 1999


Searching for my half-brother whose last known address was: Thomas Pratt BRYAN, P.O. Box150, Grayland, WA 98547. My last contact was in November 1950 in Fairfield, AL shortly before the death of our father. His birthdate is unknown, but he is probably in his late fifties.

Eleanor Mulanax, 5 Jan 1998


My grandfather Walter Mathias BUCKMASTER, b. Mar. 12, 1884 and grandmother Harriet Rachel COOK, b. May 31, 1888 were married Aug. 11, 1904 in Hoquiam. 3 children- Evangeline, Lewis, Howard-were all born in Hoquiam. Family then moved to Pierce Co. They were very active in Odd Fellows Lodge. Searching for their ancestors--any clues appreciated.

Jan Sutherlin, 8 Oct. 1997


I am in desperate need of information about a great-uncle that moved from Tennessee to the Hoquiam area in early 1900s. His name was Robert Burns (b. 1881 - d. 1925) and he is buried in Humptulips Cemetery. His wife, Mary E. (b. 1883 - d. 1966) is also buried there. An adjacent grave is listed as Oscar Leo Burns (b. 1917 - d. 1971), and I would guess that he was a son of Robert and Mary. I would like to have a copy of the 1920 Census listing this family, if possible. Also, any other information such as death records, Obituaries, survivors, etc. would be helpful. I will reimburse the cost of obtaining records, and a reasonable fee for someone's time in obtaining them for me. A brother of Robert's, Andrew Burns also may have been in this area in 1920. I could also use any information that might be available about him. Only last month did I find out for sure where this family is buried, thanks to a gentleman from Tacoma whom I have been corresponding with via e-mail.

Unkown, 28 May 1998

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