Carl Brown Narrowly Escapes Death When He is Struck by a Passing Car

Published in the Montesano Vidette, July 16, 1920:

Carl Brown, 10 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Brown, for a week critically ill in a hospital in Aberdeen, will live, according to word received of his condition Monday.

Carl was struck by an automobile driven by Mayor B. G. Cheney of Montesano July 2. Carelessness nearly cost him his life. Young Brown was in a car with his parents and they had stopped along the Olympic Highway just east of town. For some reason Carl started across the road.

Apparently not seeing the approaching car, he ran directly in front of it. Its fender struck his head and he was hurled several feet away. He was immediately taken to Aberdeen where his condition was found to be very serious. He was brought to his home here this week very much improved."

Young Boy Dies Suddenly--Injured By Car Last Year

Published in the Montesano Vidette, April 15, 1921:

Carl C. Brown, a 9 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Brown, died Friday morning. The little fellow fell unconscious the evening before while playing, and though he gave indications of being better the next morning he failed suddenly and passed away at 11 o'clock. Carl was struck by an automobile last summer and severely injured. His skull was fractured and it is thought that his death is indirectly due to this injury.

Funeral services were held from the Church of God chapel Sunday afternoon.

Article Endorsing Playgrounds

Published in the Montesano Vidette, June 18, 1920 (about 2 weeks prior to accident): "Endorsing Playgrounds"- (the article is supporting school playgrounds )

PARTIAL QUOTE: "What patron of the school would hesitate, who knows the danger to the life and limbs of the children who have been forced to do their playing in the busy street or not play out of doors. That no child has yet been killed (some have been run down) by autos is almost a miracle. -- The life of one child--even the limb of one--is worth more to the community than a price--not of one block of land--but of several."

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