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  • Welcome to
    Garfield County,
    Washington State
    WAGenWeb Project

    Map courtesy of Mike Sweeney


    This page is to register you as a researcher of a particular surname for
    Garfield county
    ONLY. Submit the surname, first name, include your name,
    and e-mail address, web address if you have one.

    Register your Garfield Co Surnames

    BRUNTON  Deanna Partlow 
    CHITWOOD  Skay Woodings 
     COLWELL  R. Rutherford
    COX Joseph  Ernie 
    COX, Hester Ann   Nikki Sorensen 
    DICKSON  Skay Woodings 
     DIETZMAN George  Jan Wilson
     DIETZMAN Scholastia  Jan Wilson
    GRAHAM, Marion;  Shirley Johnson  
    GROOM, William Cleveland  Rhonda Munk 
    HASTINGS, Jacob P  Shirley Johnson  
    HELKE  C. Jean Helke Gleaves  
      (Family) JONES Fred  Jan Wilson
    KEY  Skay Woodings 
     LEGG, Clarence E.  George W. Legg
    MADRE  Deanna Partlow 
     MALONE, CYRUS ALBERT  Martha Davis
     MALONE, ALBERT HUGH  Martha Davis
     MALONE, JOHN TEXAS  Martha Davis
     MARTIN,  Charles Martin
    McGIFFORD Henry Marilyn Gwynn  
    MORRIS  C. Jean Helke Gleaves  
    MORRISON, Joanna  Ernie 
     MOORE,  Charles Martin
    PEARSON, Harvey L.  Jim Pearson 
    PEARSON, Philip M.  Jim Pearson 
    PEARSON, Walter A.  Jim Pearson 
    REED  Deanna Partlow 
    TARBET, Samuel Addison  Nikki Sorensen 
     TAYLOR Clarence  Jan Wilson
     TURNER  Charles Martin
    SCOGGIN  Deanna Partlow 
    SEELEY, "White" Sarah  Bernice White
    WEIMER/WIMMER, JOSEPH Edward Frankele
     WILSON E. George  Jan Wilson
     WILSON Harry  Jan Wilson
     WILSON Gray Taylor  Jan Wilson

    If you find someone researching your surnames, you can contact them by clicking on their name and sending them a message. Multiple researchers can be registered for the same surname.

    Page created on 7\28\04
    Copyright 2001