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Transcribed by Nancie M. Brunk, November 2001
(There are misspellings, lack of punctuation and grammatical errors throughout the document. I have tried to transcribe as close to original as possible. Typing errors are also possible. The spelling of the name Hanan is used also Hannan in the same document(s).
I copied as originally written

Probate Court
Fulton County, Illinois
In the matter of the Estate of John Hannan, Deceased
James Hannan
In the name of God Amen this 7th Day of February and year of our Lord 1828, I John Hanan of the County of Fulton and State of Illinois, being of sound body and mind and memory ----- be ------- ------- ------- a (journey?) for sometime make and ordain this my last will and testament --------ing such worldly estate ------ with it has pleased God to bless me with in this life. I give desire (or devise) and dispose of the same as follows First that William Price Hanan and Susan my two oldest children to have the beds and the furniture that I had when I married Elizabeth Norton. Second, that my wife Elizabeth keep all the bedding and furniture and her -------- that she had when I married her. Thirdly that she also have the youse of all personal estate and the rents of the farm --------er(s) at ------- dis----ial for the youse of the family so long as she remains my widow and keeps my two oldest children Wm P. and Susan but if the should be taken a way that they shoud have their part of the same for schooling after the widows third is taken -------- further that if she marreys then she is to have only her third of the afore said personal estate and of the (tenth?) of the real estate during ---life. Lastly that all my children have ------- equal shers of all my estate not otherwise disposed of in this will with personal and real to be divided when the first one of them become of legal age further that my widow keep my -------ing apperal for William P my son.

I do hereby declare this to be my last will and testament as I have never made any other and do give and desire (devise?) that it will be complied with and Samuel Morse and Ezra (?) Forechiles (Fairchildes???) be my Executors this my last will and testament in witness where unto I have hereunto set my hand and seal the day and year above written
John Hanan (SEAL)
John C---------g--
Henry Thomas

(Brother of John)

I James Hanan do solemnly affirm that this writing contains the terms last will and testament of the within named John Hanan deceased so far as I know or believe, and that I will well and truly execute the same by paying first the debts then the legacies mentioned therein as far as his goods and chattels will thereunto ----tend, and the law charge me, and that I will make a true and perfect inventory of all such goods and chattels rights and credits as may come to my hands or knowledge belonging to the estate of said deceased and under a fair and just account of my administrationship when thereunto required by law to the best of my knowledge and abilities so help me God.

James Hanan
Affirmed and subscribed before me the 17th day of September at my office in Lewistown Fulton County and the State of Illinois according to law.

(SEAL) David Evans Judge of Probate
November 3, 1840
Witness affirmation of Henry Thurman

Canton April the 5th 1832

Brother Dewey (?) The children of brother John is aged as follows William P will be 13 the 22May next Susan will be 11 the 4th Sept next Margaret Ann 7 the 25th July next Mary Morse 5 the 15th March last Emily Wright 2 years the 26th Jan next. You will please to isue a sumins against Zylvester Payton for thirty dollars Dayton (?) article of agreement. Supena Isaac Susan and Samuel Morse witnesses in favor of the estate. Isue a supena for James Davidson to prove the account of Archimedes Hanan against the estate of John Hanan dec'd. I want you to fix the time for their appearance for trial and to give evidence on the first Monday of next May when you get the Bond Drawn for Sister Elizabeth Hanan to sign since it -- I think it aught to bedon by the first of next month. Send the summons for Peyton and supenies for Morse and Susan (?) to Isaac Shin it mite be less cost Davidson lives not far from Lewistown

Yours, James Hanan, Ad of John Hanan Dec'd
PS Amanda will be three years old on the 12th day of June next.
Yours, Jas Hanan

State of Illinois
Fulton County
The people of the State of Illinois
To Archimedes Hanan

Whereas at a Probate Court holden in and for this county at the Court House in Lewistown on the third day of October 1832, you the said Archimedes Hanan was appointed guardian of William P. Hanan age 13 years the 22nd day of May last also of Susan Hanan age eleven years the 4th of September last, infant heirs of John Hanan Dec'd late of said County and you are hereby appointed guardian of the said William P. Hanan and Susan Hanan and of their persons and property until they shall respectively arrive to the following ages towit: William P. Hanan to the age of twenty one years and Susan Hanan Eighteen Years
Witness Stephen Dewey (?) Judge of Probate
In and for said County ( & my private Seal)
At Lewistown this 3rd day of October 1832
Stephen Dewey J. Probate

(Including, but not limited to the following)
Inventory of the Estate of John Hanan Deceased late of the County of Fulton State of Illinois

Southwest quarter of Section 26th Town 7 North Range 4 East Lots No 73, 74, 83, 84, 85, 86, 87 in Canton

Personal Estate
(Listing of livestock and household goods)
Note on Wm Hanan being due 75 cts ------------ amount unknown
Pl---- due of Mrs Eavelane (?) Johnson and use to quantity unknon.
Cash Collected of D. Carpenter $33, 87 cts.
One county order 1.50
Debt on ------ doubtful.
Claim on Richard Hall & David McFalls heirs supposed to be about $75 & considered a doubtful claim
I certify that the foregoing contains a true inventory of the estate of John Hannon Dec'd so far as the same has come to my knowledge.

James Hanan

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